Craig Groeschel's 3 Steps For Finding Your Words to Live By

Craig Groeschel’s 3 Steps for Finding Your Words to Live By


Finding Your Words to Live By

Do you ever make new, soon-to-fail resolutions for a new year, birthday, anniversary, new financial year, or after bad medical news? Then, negative thoughts like, “I can’t keep this up,” and, “I never finish,” start tripping up your new routine. Eventually, you look up, and you’ve backtracked to nothing more than good intentions. We’ve all done this.

By the end of this three-step plan, you will have discovered new Words to Live By. Unlike many upstart resolutions, these daily declarations will renew your mind in a way that lasts. Here are Pastor Craig Groeschel’s three steps for finding your Words to Live By.


Step One:

Watch the first section of the video below, and If you haven’t yet, watch Pastor Craig’s Words To Live By message. You’ll also want to schedule a meeting with yourself to complete step two.

Step Two:

Watch the second section of the video below. Then, answer the two questions below. Keep scrolling down through the example Words to Live By to find the spiritual truths you need to answer question two. These are the beginnings of your new Words to Live By.

  1. What negative thoughts are dominating your thinking?
  2. What spiritual truth will demolish these strongholds?

Step Three:

Watch the third and final section of the video below. Revisit the spiritual truths you gathered in step two, and make them your own. If you need to add or change any, just use the list below to find the truths you need. Most importantly, start declaring these truths daily.

The Bible Plan

In this video-based Bible Plan, Pastor Craig will guide you through creating your own Words to Live By. It’s similar to what’s available here, but spread over three days and available in the Bible App.


Example Words to Live By

Sort through each section to find the biblical truths you need to renew your mind and fight back against negative thinking.

Pastor Craig’s

Because of Jesus …

For Women

For Men

For Parents

Everyday Life with Jesus




Temptation / Addiction

Discouragement / Hope

Finish Strong



He is God