Read Amy Groeschel’s Personal Daily Affirmation and Start Your Day Right • 3 minutes

Alarm screeches, hit snooze, get out of bed late, scald your tongue on coffee, slap on mascara in the car, and show up late to your first obligation of the day. You might feel like there’s no way you can do one more thing each morning. But, what if there were one thing that would not only start your day right, but keep you on track for the whole day. What if it only took about two minutes of your time? What if it also made you feel stronger and more encouraged every time you did it? Here’s some good news. A daily affirmation can do all these things and more.

When you’re speaking truth about yourself—to yourself—in the presence of God, a daily affirmation becomes something more powerful than just words.


Now, don’t get all riled up. There’s no way that saying a few sentences to yourself each day can make all the bad stuff go away. It can’t remove every obstacle from your life. It won’t shorten your to-do list. But, what if focusing your mind at the start of each day on what is really true and right could make you less likely to focus on what’s irritating and wrong? There’s something incredibly powerful about choosing to use a daily affirmation as a form of prayer. When you’re speaking truth about yourself—to yourself—in the presence of God, it becomes something much more powerful than just words.

Amy Groeschel loves to teach women about the God-given calling on their lives. And she knows that if we’re going to live out that calling, we need to learn to stay strong in the game. Amy uses a specific daily affirmation to remind herself of what’s really important. The words she speaks are based on biblical principles for how to live out an active faith that’s colored by love. They help to focus her mind on God’s true calling for us as Christians instead of being tossed around by our shifting culture.

Read what Amy prays and speaks over herself each day. Imagine what needless worries you might let yourself forget if you, instead, focus on choosing to be glad in each day, knowing they were made and gifted to you by God Himself. Feel free to take this beautiful daily affirmation and make it your own. Start your day right. Focus your mind on what’s real, lasting, and truly important.

Amy Groeschel's Daily Affirmations