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Change the Way You Hear From God Forever

by Jason Inman

I want to tell you one thought and two questions that could change the way you hear from God forever. But first, have you heard of the Trinity? It’s just a word to describe how God is three-in-one. There are three different but equal parts. Basically, God has a really perfect relationship with Himself. He has no need for our friendship, yet God has a history of dividing Himself for the sake of unity with us.

God’s tendency to move increasingly closer to us is what inspired the one thought that can change the way you hear from God, forever. God said He’d never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). But we sinned and separated ourselves from God. We left Him. So, He sent us Jesus as a human to bridge the gap. You probably know that. Guess what was one of Jesus’ nicknames? Immanuel (Matthew 1:23). It means “God with us.” See what’s going on here?

Then, Jesus was about to leave earth, but before He did, He said He’d be with us always (Matthew 28:20). But how? He was leaving, right? Here’s how. Because He’d be with us and in us through the Advocate, the Comforter, the paraklētos from John 14:16 whom we also know as the Holy Spirit. That word, paraklētos, is Greek. It translates into words like “advocate,” “stand beside,” and “comforter.” In the old Latin, the word “comforter” actually means “together with strength.” Here’s the thought: if you’re a Jesus-follower, God is not only with you always, He’s in you always.

How does this one thought change the way you hear from God? God is no longer some distant guru in the sky who might hear your prayers if you fling them high enough without sinning too much. He’s with you. He has a history of getting closer with you. By the Holy Spirit, He is in you.

So, if the Holy Spirit is in us and with us, how do we talk with Him? I think you can start with two simple questions.

1. Okay, Holy Spirit, is there anything I’m trying to do without You? Because if the Holy Spirit is in us as one-third of the Holy Trinity, then we probably should stop trying to do stuff without Him, right? And by the way, when He answers you, say, “Okay, Holy Spirit.” Look for answers in Scripture; in conversations with wise people; in nature; in a still, small voice; and in the desires God puts inside you.

2. Okay, Holy Spirit, is there anything You’re doing without me? Notice I didn’t say “trying to do”? The Holy Spirit is God. He doesn’t try to do stuff. He does what He wants to do. So we should probably get on board with Him, right?

Oh, and when He answers, what do you say? You say, “Okay, Holy Spirit. But I’m going to need You to do this with me.” And He’s good for that, because He’s in you forever.