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How to Punch Shame in the Face

by Jason Inman

Imagine a weak light in the darkest space you can imagine. What happens? Darkness gives way, and your dim light illuminates what was unseen. Now, imagine the One whose very existence inspired the idea of light. Add Him to your dark room. What happens? The darkest night becomes bright as day.

This is what God can do with the darkest part of our hearts and minds. This is what God can do with our shame. However, when we confess our darkest parts only to God, we tend to slowly cover God’s brightness with more shame, pain, and our own selfish desires.

So, imagine your room gets dark again. Now open up a few doors to nearby rooms, some of which are full of light. What happens? Light finds a way back into your room. In the same way, God’s light in others helps us rediscover and keep the healing light of God.

You don’t have to tell everyone about your darkest moments, but you need to tell someone who carries God’s light. When we confess to God, He forgives. When we confess to others, they help us hold open the door to God’s bright healing light.

So let’s keep the door open and give shame a God-sized fist to the face.