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How to Talk About Jesus With Friends of Any Faith

by Rafael Abreu

I found myself in a precarious situation. I was forwarded a contact of a Muslim who wanted to learn more about Jesus from a Christian perspective. Through email, I invited him to become friends with me on Facebook. Chatting in Facebook Messenger, I attempted to talk about Jesus in a friendly way, with a Muslim halfway across the world who didn’t understand the concept of a personal relationship with Christ. So, what did I do? I opened a new tab and searched “how to talk about Jesus with a Muslim.”

Have you ever wondered how to talk about Jesus with people of other faiths? Maybe you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t even know where to begin. Or, maybe you, like me, spent years studying (and teaching) people how to talk about Jesus—only to find yourself questioning how to talk about Jesus with an atheist or Muslim halfway across the world.

Recently, I had the privilege and honor of leading Abdul, a Muslim from childhood, to faith in Christ. Abdul fled his home country to seek religious freedom. After this exhilarating experience, I wondered how many believers felt a lack of confidence about sharing their faith with others.

Here are three things I keep in mind when talking about Jesus with people.

  1. Connection. Take some time to hear their story and find ways to relate. My first goal in talking to Abdul was to ask him about his faith. I took a genuine interest in him and found common ground. After establishing a connection, I could relate to him on the basis of our shared faith in God (or Allah in his case).
  2. Authenticity. Be yourself. I can’t stress this enough. Take time to understand your own story. Do you remember when you came to believe in Jesus? Share that story with him or her. This makes it even easier to share with others in a friendly, non-threatening way.
  1. Friendliness. Refrain from getting into unnecessary, heated debates. Sharing your faith is not about winning an argument—it’s about leading people to Christ. Leading with gentleness and respect goes a long way when befriending others of different faiths. Kindness paves the way for building trust, openness, and lasting friendships.

A few days after Abdul became a Christian, I asked him more about his hobbies. He said it was studying the Bible daily and growing in his faith. He’s looking for a church to replace his mosque and is so excited to learn more. He also recently attended a Church Online service with me! Who will you share your faith with in a friendly way this week?