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Here’s How to Actually Take Every Thought Captive

by Shannon Lynch

If your mind is active—and whose isn’t?—it can feel like a monumental, impossible task to take every thought captive, like the Bible teaches us to do in 2 Corinthians 10:5. But, it’s possible. Read this excerpt from the Mastermind Bible Plan, for practical advice on how to capture negative, harmful thoughts before they capture you.

Have you ever seen those cartoons where a character is presented with a temptation, and then a little red-horned devil appears on his shoulder in an attempt to lead him astray, but then a white-robed angel pops up on the opposite shoulder to lead him down the path of righteousness? Yeah, me too. And unfortunately, I can relate all too well to the scenario.

I’ve learned that there comes a time in life when those voices in your head (or on your shoulder) start to compete with each other. Suddenly, things that were once clear become murky. I cannot tell you how many times that little red devil whispered in my ear: You’re a bad mom, a bad wife—you’re just bad in general. Clarity was lost and suddenly my mind was filled with so much static that I couldn’t discern the truth. Finally, when I had enough, I decided to flick that little red devil off my shoulder for good!

Here are 3 life-altering steps to start taking every thought captive:

Step #1: Think about what you think about.

Our thoughts are the catalysts that set our courses. This is where positivity or negativity and good or poor choices come from. The easiest thing to do is to let the mind run rampant, but we have to recognize that not every thought is true.

Step #2: Once you’ve thought about your thought, capture it!

2 Corinthians 10:5 says we have the power to capture our thoughts and make them obey Jesus.

Step #3: Test your thought.

The test? Philippians 4:8! Is it true, pure, noble, right, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy? If not, what is the truth?

Step #4: Decide what to do with the thought.

Is it true? Keep it! Is it a lie? Throw it out!

Our thoughts are powerful. They’re the motivation behind every action. Make it a priority today to evaluate your thoughts. Say goodbye to that little red devil. I promise, it will be a game changer! You can take captive every thought.