Can You Handle Criticism? - Finds.Life.Church

Leadership is a tremendous blessing and responsibility. Every one of us is a leader to someone. You lead your friends through influence. You lead your colleagues by example. You might lead your kids, your volunteer group, or a staff of thousands. It doesn’t matter who you lead or how you lead, you will need to become skilled enough to know how to handle criticism. It’s part of life. And it can hurt! The wonderful news is, you absolutely can learn to manage and handle it.


The more you succeed, the more critics you’ll have. If you’re a leader in just about any field, you’re going to have people second-guessing you, tearing you down, and picking you apart. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to avoid all criticism—and you shouldn’t! Dealing with criticism is a part of leadership. It’s that simple. But learning to handle that criticism is going to be incredibly crucial to your success as a leader.

In this episode, we’ll look at four ways you can minimize criticism by leading thoughtfully.

Four Ways to Minimize Criticism

  1. Build a positive culture, starting with yourself.
  2. Create an avenue for helpful feedback.
  3. Lead with the “why” before the “what.”
  4. Be wise in how you live.

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