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You Can Keep Doing This, Or You Can Start Making Progress

by Craig Groeschel

Want to start making progress? Pastor Craig Groeschel suggests there’s something you may need to stop making. Here’s an excerpt from Pastor Craig’s book, Daily Power: 365 Days of Fuel for Your Soul. Used with permission from Zondervan.

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance … Proverbs 1:5 ESV

Remember when you were making the transition into adulthood? Becoming a grown-up meant learning to accept responsibility both for your choices and for their consequences. As you enjoyed more power to choose among more options, you also began to own the weight of your newfound freedom.

You learned that if you drove over the speed limit, you might get a ticket. If you dated the wrong person, you could end up heartbroken, struggling to trust again. And if you beer-bonged a six-pack of cheap beer in less than twenty minutes (not that I would know, of course), you likely found yourself hugging a toilet like you’d just asked it to marry you—and it said yes.

On the other hand, if you showed up at work on time every day and did your best work, you realized that your boss approved and might give you a raise. If you started exercising and you improved your diet, your pants size shrank and you felt better about yourself. And if you attended class, listened, took notes, and actually studied for exams, good grades were not out of your reach.

Every choice you make affects aspects of your life, both big and small. You either learn to take responsibility for your actions, or you learn to make excuses and find scapegoats. What’s it going to be today?


You can make excuses or you can make progress. But you can’t make both.

Power Lift

I want to follow Your ways, Lord, and not my own. Give me wisdom and patience so that I can know when to pause and wait on You instead of rushing ahead.