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31 Bible Verses About Worry to Help You Feel Confident

by Katherine Fedor

God doesn’t just tell us not to worry; He tells us exactly why not! So, now you’re expecting me to list some Bible verses about worry, am I right? But what if I told you that the best verses about worry aren’t about worry at all? What if I told you that the best remedy for fear involves zeroing in on what will protect you from the thing you’re afraid of? That’s what I discovered when I was feeling the need for protection and looked for help in the Bible in the midst of worry.

I was trying to teach my kids to go to the Word of God when they were afraid, but I needed to just as much. We all need something trustworthy in which to place our confidence. Something bigger than ourselves to exchange our fears for. So here are 31 Bible verses about worry that give us reasons not to fear. Did you notice that 31 makes one for each day of even the longest month? Fear and worry are not so polite as to wait until the first day of the month to come upon us, so just jump into the list at number one, and then keep going as needed!

Why do we not need to fear, fret, worry, stress out, or be anxious? Here’s precisely why.

31 Bible Verses About Anxiety and Worry 

    1. God will fight for you, Deuteronomy 1:29-30. How cool is that?
    2. God Himself will fight for you, Deuteronomy 3:22. Wait, He’s not just sending an angel or something? God Himself? Okay, we should be all right, then.
    3. God will be with you, Deuteronomy 20:1-4. Right there. With you. In the middle of the battle against fear and whatever it is you’re afraid of or worried about. You’re not alone. Ever.
    4. God goes with you; He won’t leave you, Deuteronomy 31:6. If you’re going somewhere, He’ll be there. He’s not leaving your side. The Holy Spirit is always with us. 
    5. God goes before you; He won’t forsake you, Deuteronomy 31:8. Actually, before you even get where you’re going, He’ll be there ahead of you. He’s preparing the way for you as you trust Him.
    6. God’s side is stronger than the other side, 2 Kings 6:16. So if you’re on His side, you’re in good shape. If you’re not on His side yet, you can get on His side right this moment, for the simple asking, in humble surrender. Just tell Him you want to be, and ask Him what’s next.
    7. The battle is God’s, not yours, 2 Chronicles 20:15. So why are you sweating it? He’s got this. Ask Him to take it over. Give Him permission to be in charge of your problem that’s causing you worry or fear. Why not your whole life, while you’re at it?
    8. God will deliver you, 2 Chronicles 20:17. He asked His people just to take up their positions, stand firm, and see what He would do for them!
    9. God will sustain you, Psalm 3:4-6. Even when the fight seems to have impossibly unfair odds. Even while you’re sleeping and not able to do anything about it.
    10. God will comfort and protect you, Psalm 23:4. Like a shepherd caring for his sheep, God’s there to care and look out for us.
    11. God is your light and fortress, Psalm 27:1-3. So you won’t be left in the dark, and you have a safe place to hide out. 

    Scripture Art Psalm 27:1 Bible verses about worry

    1. God is a refuge who answers, Psalm 34:4-8. Not only is it a blessing to take refuge in God, but He answers us when we call to Him. Taste and see how good that is!
    2. God is your strength, Psalm 46:1-3. Even though really bad and scary things may happen, God will strengthen you to be able to face them with Him. And unlike ours, His strength doesn’t run out!
    3. God will rescue and ransom you, Psalm 55:16-18. That’s how much He loves you. He didn’t even stop short of sending His Son as a ransom for you. Surely He’s worth trusting with everything here on Earth, since He has secured eternity for you.
    4. God is greater than people, Psalm 56:3-4. So we don’t need to fear people, when we’re trusting in God. 

    Scripture Art Psalm 56:4 Bible verses about worry

    1. God is your helper who sets you free, Psalm 118:5-8. You can’t find a better helper than God. If God is for us, setting us free from anxiety, worry and fear, there’s no one and nothing we need to be afraid of.
    2. God is your song, Isaiah 12:2. Wouldn’t you rather be singing than fretting? Isn’t it a beautiful thing when a trusting song comes out of your mouth instead of a worried complaint?
    3. God will come to save you, Isaiah 35:3-4. This is real encouragement. We’re talking about the God who made the whole universe, including you. He’s coming to save you. You can put your life in His hands.
    4. God will hold you up, Isaiah 41:10. Do you know how strong God’s hands are? If He’s holding you up, you’re set.
    5. God will hold your hand, Isaiah 41:13. Place your hand in His big, capable hand and keep it there.
    6. God is your redeemer, Isaiah 43:1. God has bought us for Himself, with the blood of Jesus Christ. We’re His, if we accept that offer. We don’t need to fear the enemy of our souls, because we don’t belong to him anymore. We’re redeemed!
    7. God will take up your case, Lamentations 3:57-58. Could there be any more impressive advocate than the Creator of the universe? He’s eager to take up your case as soon as you ask!
    8. God is mighty and delights in you, Zephaniah 3:16-17. What an amazing combination, a powerful warrior who takes great interest and delight in you. Sounds like the makings for a great movie, doesn’t it? Only it’s real life! He really does rejoice over you. Try focusing on that for a few minutes! It sure changes my outlook on life.

    Scripture Art Zephaniah 3:17

    1. God has authority over everything, Matthew 8:25-27. What would it matter if God cared a lot about us, but couldn’t do anything about it? Thankfully, He actually can do anything! He can calmly tell a storm to stop, and it just will. So I want to trust His timing on the storms in my life.  
    2. God values you, Matthew 10:29-31. Likewise, what would it matter if God had all the power, but didn’t care about us? But hurray, He knows all about us and cares for us deeply, because He made us expressly to be in relationship with Him.
    3. Jesus is. (Period.) Matthew 14:27. Just the fact that Jesus is real, that He is with us, is enough to silence fears. If we get to know His voice, it becomes a comfort just to listen to Him speak.
    4. Think of who Jesus is, Mark 4:40-41. What a good question the disciples asked, wondering who Jesus was. Who is this? Think about what you know about Jesus. Is He adequate for your problems? Is He up for the challenge you are facing? Is it too big for Him? This is the Creator and Lord of all, and the One who willingly went to the cross for you, then defeated death on your behalf. He can handle anything.
    5. Take Jesus at His word, Mark 5:36. Why not be afraid and worried? Because Jesus said we don’t need to be. Do we believe Him?
    6. God has joy in store for you, Luke 2:9-11. God has good news of great joy. For all the people. Yes, that means you. Would you rather focus on fear or joy?
    7. God is offering you deep peace, John 14:27. Jesus tells us to take charge of our hearts and not let them be troubled, but rather to set our minds on His peace that He offers us as a gift. 

    Scripture Art John 14:27

    1. Just go to your Heavenly Father, Romans 8:15. When little kids are afraid, they run to a trusted parent for security. That’s what God is inviting us to do, to run to Him with everything we’re tempted to worry about or be afraid of, tell Him all about it, and trust Him to take care of us.

    So, what did you think about the facts in these Bible verses for anxiety and worry? Do you see how the simple truths in these Scriptures can help us fight worry, fear, and anxious thoughts and choose instead to trust in God’s protection? Feeding our spirits with Scripture shifts our focus off the darkness of fear and onto resting in God’s all-powerful care and promised help. When we realize our God is able to protect us—even miraculously—we can leave fear and worry behind. But we need to practice this process afresh every day.

  1. How to Use These Verses

  2. There’s enough Scripture here to get you through every day of the month, no matter when you start it. One idea is to copy and paste each verse into a reminder app in your phone. How about setting these reminders to show up during a time when you typically experience worry, fear, or anxiety?I’ve worried in the past about big things that happened to me, like moving across an ocean, my daughter facing cancer at age 15, and my mother being widowed too young. I’ve been beset with fears about little things—even about writing this post! Ironic, I know. But what saves me each time is remembering that God is my strength (see #13 above) and He will hold me up (#19). I purposefully place my trust in Him as each challenge comes along. And what does God do with my willingness to trust Him? He often turns the whole occasion into a joyfest (#29) like the wonder of getting to organize and share these beautiful Scriptures with you. God is my song! (#17.)
  3. You Can Experience the Peace of God

  1. So, here’s to using Bible verses for anxiety and worry to make our daily fears submit to the truth of our loving Father who is for us in every way and is more than enough to protect us and provide for us in every situation. Let’s be intentional about rehearsing in our minds what is true about our God, our mighty warrior, our refuge, our light, and our protector. This is how to leave worry and fear in the dust.

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