A Two-Minute History of God With Us

Jason Inman • 2 minutes

How do you fall in love or make a new friend? By sharing your stories. Maybe it’s countless hours of hanging out, dates, texts, calls, whatever. Somehow, you tell each other the story of you.

Have you heard God’s story lately?

It’s like this. God had perfect relationship with the Holy Spirit and His Son, Jesus. Together, they were all they needed. One day, they created a new kind of creature: our distant relatives, Adam and Eve.

God didn’t just create us as a side project to be forgotten in a Petri dish. He wanted to be with us from the beginning. Genesis records that He walked with us in the garden in the cool of the day. Do you know God like that? You can.

Then, we went looking beyond God for knowledge, satisfaction, provision, and other things meant to pass only from Creator to created. Do you do that?

God found out. So we hid. Do you ever hide?

God still wanted to be with us, so He went looking for us, found us, and gave us a new way to be close to Him through law and sacrifice. Have you been found by Him?

People would try to obey the law, but they’d fail. So, they’d give up their very best animal for a priest to sacrifice. This would cover their sins so they could get close to God through a priest.  

Still, God wanted to be closer with us, so He sent His only Son, Jesus, the ultimate priest and once-and-for-all sacrifice. Jesus came to Earth to be with us, where He gave His life to fulfill the law for us.

When God sent His only Son to be with us and announced Him to Earth, you know what He called Him? Immanuel, which means “God with us.” God literally sent His son as a baby to our tiny planet and named Him God with us!

Consider again today what He’s done to be with us, to be with you.

What are you willing to do, or give up, to be with Him?