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How I Know God Is Working Even in the Little Things

by Jasmyn Stamper

Imagine this: It’s a beautiful fall day, the weather is perfect, the leaves are changing, and you’re just relaxing. You’ve got your favorite snack with you, and you’re doing something you love, whether that’s just sitting or reading or having fun with someone you adore. Then, all of a sudden, you get a call or a text with some big news. It’s about that big thing you’ve been praying for. It’s finally happening. Oh, how you may start to praise God. But let’s backtrack for a second. What about the fabulous weather and beautiful day or the great time you were having? Did you thank God for those moments? God is working in those too. 

What happens when we stop looking for God in those little moments and acts? What happens when we forget to thank God for the miraculous and the seemingly mundane?

God may be a miracle worker, revealer of mysteries, deliverer, great high priest, and mighty God. But he’s also God of peaceful afternoons, of subtle beauty, of small details, of quiet moments, and of little things. God is working in all things, not just the big, momentous things. He has a history of using small things to accomplish big things and to change lives. But do we recognize it when God is working in the little things?

Hebrews 13:8 TPT says: Jesus, the Anointed One, is always the same—yesterday, today, and forever. 

Jesus never changes. He’s been using little things—moments, actions, objects, people—to do amazing things in the lives of His people for a long time. I also see how He continues to do so today.  And since He’s always the same, He’s going to keep on bringing big results out of small things tomorrow.

Jesus is the same yesterday. We can see how in Bible times God very often worked using small things to accomplish big things. 

Here are some ways God used small things long ago to make a big impact:  

I could keep going. Nothing and no one is too small for God to use. The Bible shows us over and over again how often God used minor things and small people. But it doesn’t end there.

Jesus is the same today and is still working through little moments, people, and things. I asked a few people about small ways they have seen God working in their lives recently. 

Here are just a few stories from people who have seen God move through small moments today. 

God is the same forever. God cared about the small details thousands of years ago, continues to care about little things now, and He’ll keep on caring.

In a talk about seeing God’s presence in the ordinary, author Sharon Garlough Brown talked about why the story of Moses and the burning bush is so powerful (beyond the awesome fact that God spoke to Moses through a bush). She explained it a little like this:

It wasn’t uncommon in the desert climate for bushes to catch fire. Moses could have just brushed it off, but he took the time to look and notice the unusual part, that the bush was not being consumed. God didn’t speak to him until He saw that Moses had stopped and truly looked.

Just as the burning bush could have been seen as commonplace instead of spectacular and magnificent, run-of-the-mill things in our lives may turn into something amazing. God can use a kettle chip, a shower, a movie, a commercial, a book, or anything we experience on a daily basis to speak to us or remind us how awesome He is. God is working. We just have to stop, look, and notice.