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3 of the Best Commercials With Deeper Meaning

by Courtney Spoon

Can commercials have a deeper meaning than simply advertising for a company or product? Often, I mentally check out during commercials and take that time to scroll through my social media feed or grab a snack from the kitchen. However, I have found that many times there are commercials with deeper meaning.

Here are three of the best commercials with deeper meaning:

  1. You can show God’s love through small acts of kindness every day.

All of us have a plan and a purpose from God about where we’ll work, serve, and live, but our ultimate purpose is to love one another. When we love those around us, God’s unconditional love shines through us. God uses us to reach His kids! We may not always know how we can help, but when we ask God to guide us, He will show us where we can make the biggest impact for Him. John 13:34-35 talks about how the world will know we are Jesus’ disciples by the way we love. So, showing love through even the smallest act of kindness is a way we can share the love of Jesus.

  1. We can all listen to God and learn to recognize His voice.

Hearing and listening are two different things. Hearing is recognizing what is being said and choosing not to remember it. Listening is recognizing what is being said and choosing to respond to it. We all can listen to God and learn to recognize His voice. His voice is not something that you forget, and the more you seek out God’s voice, the easier it is to notice and recognize. Isaiah 30:21 talks about how our ears will hear God, and we will recognize Him. When you recognize His voice, it is easier to listen to His truth and drown out the lies of the world.

  1. Laughter works more than your abs—it spreads joy!

Laughter is contagious, and it is even scientifically proven to improve someone’s mood. I like to believe God has a sense of humor and that He delights when we laugh. Genesis 21:6 says, “And Sarah declared, ‘God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me.’” Sarah said this after God fulfilled His promise to Abraham and gave Sarah a son in her old age. God brought them laughter, and they wanted to share it. When we see other people who are happy, it improves our own moods. Laughter spreads joy, and when someone is joyful, it shows on their face. So, spread God’s joy through laughter and maybe work your abs a little too.

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