6 Ways I Fight Depression and Anxiety (and Choose Joy!) Every Day

Catie Smith • 3 minutes

Today, I’m a pretty joyful person, but that was not always the case. I lived too many years with worry, anxiety, and depression. Through lots of prayers, counseling, and people speaking into my life, I have overcome. Here are six ways I fight depression and anxiety every day by finding and keeping joy.

#6 Look around at people you love.
Something that helps me is to think of and spend time with those I love and who love me! Surround yourself with people who lift you up or people you can encourage. Then enjoy that awesome feeling of love and purpose.

#5 Remind yourself of what you’ve done.
When you’re feeling down on yourself or not fully confident, think back to all the great things you’ve accomplished in life. Maybe you helped a friend in a time of need. Maybe you devoted yourself to the job you love, or maybe you fulfilled a dream of yours like writing a blog. The point is to remember there’s a lot more in you than you might be feeling in the moment.

#4 Remember the amazing moments.
Something else that brings me joy is to stop and think of moments when I was completely happy. You know those times when everything is just right? Go there! A day at the park with your best friend, dancing with your spouse, holding your newborn for the first time … whatever special memories God’s given you. Remember them and just smile. Tell someone the story. Laugh out loud. Thank God for the amazing life He’s blessed you with.

If God brought you through it then, He can bring you through it now.

#3 Celebrate what you’ve overcome and who brought you through.
If you’re struggling with going back to an old thought or habit, or if you just need to kick the enemy in the face, try this. Run through a mental list of all that God’s brought you through. Because if God brought you through it then, He can bring you though it now.

#2 Find Something you love to do, and just do it!
A simple way to add more joy to your life is to actually do things you love doing! Simple, right? Surround yourself with things that make you smile or get you moving: a favorite song, your silly pet, or an activity that recharges you. Whatever it is, do it for yourself and don’t worry about being great at it. Enjoy the return it brings, and spread that joy throughout your day.

#1 Run to Jesus—He is the true source of joy.

This is number one for a reason. All the things above are great, but they’re nothing until you’ve spent time with your Creator. Everyone experiences God differently, so find the ways you connect with Him best. Seek Him and you will find Him (Deuteronomy 4:29). The peace, love, and joy He brings will carry you through it all. Run to Him today and embrace His perfect love!

*If you’re currently struggling with anxiety or depression, although I truly believe these things can help and even heal you, please reach out to someone for further help. My love and prayers are with you! Through Christ you can and will overcome!