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What Is Worship? We Asked A Worship Pastor What He Really Thinks

by Luke Guevara

What is worship? What does a worship pastor really think about worship? We asked Luke Guevara, worship pastor for Life.Church, what worship means to him, and how to live a life of worshipping God. Strangely, he didn’t say anything about guitars, lights, smoke, or killer vocals (even though he beautifully uses all those things for God’s glory every week). Instead, he answered with this story.

When I was in college, I remember swinging by church one afternoon. I’d been having a rough day and, consequently, my bad attitude was written all over my face. I walked by the janitor. She was a woman named Sam, and it was my first time to meet her. She stopped me and warmly greeted me with a smile. I returned the greeting, and she proceeded to tell me what she felt God had laid on her heart to share with me. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I walked away from that conversation with a transformed attitude because Sam had told me exactly what I needed to hear.

For years I had similar encounters with Sam, always walking away with an encouraged spirit. I remember speaking with a friend about her. He said, “It’s as though she is constantly in a posture of worship.” Every time I think about living a life of worship, I think of Sam. Here’s a woman whose job is to clean the whole church, who never missed an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. God is everywhere. When I feel His presence, it’s not because He suddenly showed up—it’s because my posture changed. Ever since my friend said that about Sam, I’ve fought every day to maintain a posture of worship.