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What Do I Do After Baptism?

by Leanna Romoser

I still remember my baptism clearly. I carried an abundant supply of nerves and excitement with me as I stepped into the water holding my friend Catherine’s hand. As we made our way to the spot where she would baptize me, I looked back and saw people watching. Some were close friends, others I didn’t even know. Catherine reminded me why God sent Jesus and why He loves me. Then, she asked me why I love Him, too. I told her Jesus had changed my life, and I wanted to share it with the world. She dipped me down into the water, and I came up with an overwhelming feeling of love. Love from God and love for God. Cheers filled my ears, but I thought, What now? What do I do after baptism?

Do you feel the same way? After all, Jesus tells us that baptism is the best “next step” after deciding to follow him. After baptism, it becomes less clear. Of course, we’re supposed to love God and our neighbors, but how exactly do I do that? It can be overwhelming, but there’s good news! God doesn’t want us to be confused, and he’s given us a few ways to discover how to keep taking next steps after baptism.

Wondering whether your child is ready for baptism? This is a great place to start.

Three Things to Do After Baptism

1. Start a habit of connecting with God. 

The most important commandment God gives us is to love Him above anything else. When you love someone, you seek a relationship with them. Right? Whether that means a scheduled, daily quiet time before work, a new Bible Plan, or even constant prayers throughout the day just acknowledging Him. Seek God and a relationship with Him.

2. Find trusted friends who know Jesus. 

Nothing is harder than trying to do life alone. Finding people to walk alongside you in life is key to staying on the right path. God created us as social people, no matter how introverted you are (trust me!). Your friends are there to help you, strengthen you, and support you.

3. Start serving other people. 

Whether it’s working with kids, being creative, or just being ridiculously good at making someone smile, God’s given you specific talents. And He wants to work through you. Serving changed my life so much that it put me on a different career path! So take your gift and get plugged in at your local community. It could look like serving with your local church, non-profit, or school. God wants to use you! Serving has taught me so much about how uniquely God has created me.

See? It’s simple once you break it down. After baptism, I began a habit of daily prayer and reading the Bible. I wasn’t perfect, but did my best. The more time I spend with Jesus, the more like Him I become. When I fall short, I’m surrounded by trusted friends who challenge me and encourage me. My friends are there to help redirect me and guide me when things get hard. Seek God, find community, start serving, and you’ll find new life.