A Bible Plan for Every Person

Jess Penick • 10 minutes

When I met Jesus, He radically changed how I think, the way that I see the world, and the person I want to become. The more I sense His transforming power, the more I want to get to know Him better. The YouVersion Bible App has become a vital resource for me to learn more about God, receive encouragement, and learn truth that transforms my mind. I can read and compare translations of the Bible I like, and I can listen to the Bible while I’m in the car or getting ready! It’s never been easier to fill my mind with God’s Word. But one of my favorite features is Bible Plans, which are supplemental pathways to get into Scripture. I can find devotional, Bible study, or Scripture-only plans based on my preference. The best part? I’m confident there’s a Bible Plan for every person.

It’s amazing that a book written thousands of years ago can be personally and uniquely applicable today.

We live in a personalized age. Where I live, you can have your name printed on everything—your coffee mug, the cover for your computer or phone, on thank-you notes, or monogrammed on towels. What’s amazing to me, though, is how a book written thousands of years ago can be personally and uniquely applicable today.

There’s a Bible Plan for every person. Let a Bible Plan help you get into the Bible. They might be written for many to see, but there are plans out there that will feel like they were written with only you in mind. Keep scrolling until you find one that’s right for you!

Here are some great plans for …

Young Adults








What You’re Feeling

Young Adults

Finding Life Together by Life.Church

Once you turn 18, it feels like you have to figure out your life. But what if you don’t? What if where you thought you’d be isn’t where you are now? You’re not alone. Let’s figure out life’s biggest questions together.

Finding Freedom From Stress by Life.Church

Stress is real, but it doesn’t have to run your life. Through Christ, we can reframe it, refocus it, and redefine it. If you’re struggling with stress, check out this 5-day Bible Plan to learn how to find freedom and peace.

The Now Generation Leader by Life.Church

As a young adult, you are not the leader of tomorrow. You are the leader of today. This 14-day plan will provide practical, biblical advice to help young leaders develop into the leader Christ has created them to be.

The Variable Life by John Weirick

What does God want for me? Where will I find the answers? In this plan you’ll find insights to help you through the maze of change, choices, and complexities of life, without losing sight of God or yourself


Warrior by Craig Groeschel

There’s someone strong, wild, and full of courage inside ready to get up and fight for what matters. This plan will call you to find purpose, defy hesitation, heal from wounds, fight addiction, and rise up a champion.

Father Like The Father by FamilyLife

Throughout Scripture, God is called Father. Yet how does He father His children? What parenting principles can we learn by observing His interactions with humanity? This seven-day study will examine key Scriptures which will help you to father like the Father.


The Call by Amy Groeschel

As Christians, we can often wonder what our calling is and how to find it. But our calling in Christ isn’t as complicated as we make it. In this 7-day Bible Plan from Amy Groeschel, we’ll learn what our calling is, and how we can live lives worthy of the incredible calling we have received.

The Messy Table by Jenn Jewell

The Messy Table is an ordinary space for real women, imperfect stories, and the God who’s at work in our mess. This 7-day Bible Plan includes inspiring stories, powerful Scriptures, and table questions for personal reflection + group discussion. Grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and join us!

Wait And See by Wendy Pope

How can painful times of waiting become sweet times with God? Whatever you are waiting for—a spouse, a child, a job—this season can be a time of beauty. Are you ready to find peace in the pauses and hope in the future?

Behold: The Promise by C3 SYD

The word “BEHOLD” in Hebrew simply means interjection (an exclamation, an interruption). It is an unapologetic shout, saying, “LOOK HERE! SEE NOW! The promise is coming to pass!”. Our desire is to stir up faith in women that they would remember the promise, or see the new promise, and perceive it coming to pass.


Imperfect Parenting by YouVersion

The pressure to parent perfectly keeps a lot of us awake at night. We think we have to be the best parent, and we may find ourselves nervous that we’ll ruin our children. Thankfully, God is our Heavenly Father, and He’ll guide us as we parent on earth.

Becoming Fosters by Britanie Ramirez

This plan was created for those who may consider Becoming Fosters, those who have recently started their journey, and those deep in the weeds of foster care. This plan will provide you with deep truth, fill you with compassion, and leave you feeling motivated to make an impact.

Intentional Parenting by Living on the Edge

By embracing God’s wisdom and guidance, we as parents, grandparents, or guardians can instill the values and qualities we want our children to have. Explore six solid, basic principles found in God’s Word and successfully shape your children’s lives

How To Ruin Your Child In 7 Easy Steps by Patrick Quinn & Ken Roach

This plan takes a fresh look at how the Seven Deadly Sins (wrath, greed, envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, and pride) are the root of most modern parenting problems.

Blend by Life.Church

Join blended families like yours who share their experiences, fears, hopes, and the details that are making life work each day. Start this plan with your spouse, your family, or your blended family group and watch God do what only He can do.


From This Day Forward by Craig and Amy Groeschel

You can have a great marriage. The choices you make today will determine the marriage you will have tomorrow. Craig and Amy will show you how five commitments can help you fail-proof your marriage.

Being Intentional In Your Marriage by YouVersion

A strong and healthy marriage doesn’t happen accidentally. Being intentional is key to having the marriage we’ve always dreamed of. In this 5-day Plan, we’ll dive into many different topics that will help you begin the process of being intentional with your spouse so that your marriage can be what you’ve always desired it to be.

The Vow by Life.Church

Six couples write about six wedding vows they never officially said at the altar. These vows of preparation, priority, pursuit, partnership, purity, and prayer are the vows that make marriages work long past the wedding. Whether you’re married or just thinking about it, it’s time to make the vow.

Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken by Cindy Beall

Learn how to find hope and healing for your wounded marriage as you navigate the waters of betrayal. Cindy, and her husband, Chris, have walked out their healing by trusting in God’s mighty power and encourage you to join them on this healing journey.

Relationship Goals by Life.Church

That perfect relationship you admire one image at a time may not be so picturesque in real life. Right? So, what kind of relationship goals actually work? This Bible Plan, written by people ranging from long-married, to single, to newlyweds, will point to the kind of love God can offer for all our relationships.


Thrive by Lina AbuJamra

Life as a single Christian is good. Despite what many people think, singleness is not a disease. Singleness is not plan B. Singleness is God’s gift to every single Christian right now. In this plan learn how to thrive as they pursue the life God has given you today.

The Sacredness of Singleness by ORU

Jesus and the Apostle Paul both refer to singleness as a gift. It is a season to experience a sacred journey with God, one that is filled with serving and loving Jesus.

Singleness by Crossway

Loneliness is a human longing, and it its very existence points to something common to us all. This reading plan is aimed at helping you turn to God—who meets us where we are and draws us to himself.

Living Changed: When You’re Single by Changed

We all have expectations of what our lives will look like. Maybe you expected to be married by now, but instead you feel lonely, lost, or hopeless. The truth is, you don’t have to be married to find joy and live out your calling.


Modern Romance by Life.Church

Let’s be honest—dating is complicated. Who should you date? When do you have the DTR moment? Are soulmates a thing? When should you break it off? Here’s the good news: You’re not expected to figure out the answers to those questions on your own. Learn from others’ dating experiences and how they’ve seen God at work in this Bible Plan

Scary Close by Donald Miller

Love can’t be earned, it can only be given. And it can only be exchanged by people who are completely true with each other. This plan challenges our assumptions about what makes for good relationships as we learn to “drop the act” and find true intimacy.

Dating And The Single Parent by FamilyLife

Dating in a crowd is tough! But more than just the math, single-parent dating must include an awareness of how the dating process is impacting the children. To ignore them is to risk sabotaging the potential for a healthy blended family. This plan offers wisdom to single parents and their partners that will ultimately impact the next generation.


How to Follow Jesus by Switch

We throw the word disciple around all the time. But do we really know what it means? And what does it really look like to follow Jesus in our lives every day—to actually be His disciple? If you want to really be a disciple of Jesus, then this Bible Plan is for you.

Fully Devoted: Introduction by Switch

Are you wanting to grow in your relationship with God, understand the Bible better, and learn how to faithfully follow Jesus in our world today? With the biblical story as our guide, let’s discover truths and develop skills that will help us become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Living with Doubt by Andy Mineo

Confronted with unanswered questions, Andy turned to Scripture to discover the truth. Now, in this 5-day Video Bible Plan, he provides practical advice to help you live with doubt and embrace God’s love.

What You’re Feeling

7 Things The Bible Says About Anxiety by YouVersion

Every day has the potential to introduce complex new challenges into our lives. But it’s equally likely that each new day will gift us with exciting new opportunities. In this seven-day devotional, staff members at YouVersion help you apply truths from God’s Word to whatever you’re facing today. Each day’s devotional includes a Verse Image to help you share what God is speaking to you.

Dealing with Uncertainty by YouVersion

Does life feel out of control? In a volatile world filled with political, economic, and social uncertainty, how do you fight anxiety and fear? How do you live courageously and hold onto hope? In this 5-day Plan, discover 3 biblical ways to find courage in the face of uncertainty, and learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

How to Stop Worrying by YouVersion

If you’re alive, then you’ve probably struggled with worry. Some people worry a lot, while others occasionally allow things to preoccupy our thoughts. No matter how often or how little, it’s wise for us to learn how to navigate this monster that we allow to steal our peace and hijack our faith. This 4-day Plan will help you do just that.

How to Battle Fear by YouVersion

In uncertain times, our go-to mindset is fear. It seems to soothe us when we continually let ourselves go down fear-filled, “what-if” roads. As followers of Jesus, we can battle this. We don’t have to let fear win. This Plan is filled with practical tips as you take steps to win the battle fear is waging.

When Disappointment Strikes by YouVersion

Been dealing with disappointment? None of us are exempt from experiencing it. No matter who we are, we’ll all walk through times when we didn’t get what we wanted. So, what do we do with our disappointments? Is it wrong for us to feel this way? In this 4-Day Bible Plan, we’ll look at how we define, accept, process, and use our disappointments for good.

I hope you find worth, love, and purpose in Christ as you read God’s Word. And I hope Bible Plans help take you on a journey that is divinely and uniquely tailor made just for you.