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We Won’t Be Different Alone—Here’s How

by Switch

Different. Is that a word you’d love to hear someone describe you as? “Well, you’re a little, um, different. Know what I mean?” Ew. I know exactly what you mean. You mean I’m a freak who will die alone after a lonely life of Netflix and no chill in his parent’s basement. But, maybe different isn’t so bad, right? Nobody wants to be “average.” Everyone wants to be unique, stand out, but just not too much. And to make matters worse, if we try to follow Jesus, we soon realize we’re supposed to be different. That’s why, at Switch, we’re showing students it’s not so scary to be different. Because we won’t be different alone!

Who’s the best example for anyone who wants to be a good human? No-brainer. Jesus. And who’s the most different person ever to walk the face of the earth? Easily Jesus again. And who’s the most influential person in history? If you’re thinking Jesus, you’re acing this test! Yes. Jesus was God—with skin and bones. He was a human being, but He was also one with the Creator of the Universe. He struggled through the teen acne days like all the rest of us. And sometimes He was worshiped by masses of people. He. Was. Different. He lived a different life from any human ever. And yet—He taught us how we won’t be different alone.

Jesus kept people around Him. You know, the 12 disciples. He asked them to follow Him. He shared life with them. He told them scary stuff about Himself He knew they wouldn’t even understand. He shared everyday wisdom with them. He encouraged them to live a different kind of life, following His example.

The good news is the different kind of life Jesus wants us to live is actually a really good one! The different things Jesus calls us to might seem weird to people who are just trying to blend in with life. But, is blending in really what’s best? It goes against our schools and our culture to serve others before ourselves. It’s not normal to be kind to that kid everyone else picks on. It can look weird to respect your parents. If you want what normal people have, do what normal people do. But if you want different, do what few people do.

Being different also isn’t about doing attention-grabbing things like dying your hair a new color every day or faking a funny accent. Nope, not that kind of different. Be different because you’re like Jesus. When you’re different for following Jesus, different is better. So, is the way you treat others different? What about what you post online? Are your words and thoughts different? Do you only treat people well if you think you’ll get something back from them?

Let’s be different for all the best reasons. At Switch this year, we’ll be different, but we won’t be different alone.