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Trusting God When the Unexpected Happens

by Patty Brown

The Lord never ceases to amaze me in showing me biblical lessons through my children.

My youngest daughter, Christina, has long-term medical issues due to contracting Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), which was caused by E. coli at 13 months. The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, has taught me many lessons through her illness and path to restoration. A particular lesson comes to mind as I think of the weeks and months following Christina’s diagnosis.

One of the side effects of the HUS was that Christina had bleeding on the brain, which in turn caused blindness. It was evident within a couple of weeks after her being admitted to the hospital that she could not see. That was such a difficult time–just dealing with other major implications of the illness and thinking she was going to be blind was overwhelming for me.

One weekend, after Christina had been in the hospital for about five weeks, friends visited from Texas. I vividly remember their time with us in the hospital, and I especially remember their prayers. After one of our prayer times, all of us crying out to God and weeping over Christina, one of my friends lifted her head and said that she sensed the Lord speaking to her that Christina’s blindness was “for a time,” and that when the time was right, she would see again. What hope that gave me! And sure enough, within two weeks of returning home (after six weeks in the hospital), Christina regained her sight!

At the time, I couldn’t see why the Lord would allow Christina to lose her sight in addition to all the other medical issues, but He showed me that He was actually protecting her during that time by allowing the blindness. I think of how frightened Christina would be, even now, of anyone in a white coat if she had been able to see all the nurses and doctors coming into the hospital room and subsequently causing her pain. As it is, she has no fear of physicians. She has no fear of anyone for that matter.

As I look back to that time, I hear the Lord saying: “Patty, I protect you in the same way by keeping you ‘blinded’ to certain things until it is time to reveal them to you.”

I always want to know what the Lord is doing, why He is doing it, and how it is going to affect me. But He tells me that I am to rest in Him during those times that I do not see Him at work and trust–believing by faith–that when the time is right, I will see and understand.

It is possible that you are blinded to something right now. Maybe you’ve been anxious about something because you cannot see a solution. Maybe you’re angry at someone but you’ve failed to understand where your heart is deceived.

Are you trusting that God will reveal your unknowns in His timing?

Are you willing to see the truth even if it’s painful?

Are you willing to remain blinded to a matter and rest in God’s higher ways?

Take some time in prayer and ask God to give you eyes of faith to see all He wants to reveal to you today.

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