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Why I Decided To Tell My Wife My Secret

by Jon Mays

My wife and I had been married nine years. Some good, mostly bad. Mostly my fault. I hadn’t chosen to live my life as a Christian, let alone a pastor. But there I was, six months into following Christ with an irresistible urge to step into ministry at a church. At this point, my faith had greatly improved my marriage, but I had a secret—one I thought might make me very unpopular with my wife, and maybe my church. I needed to tell my wife my secret. I had to tell her about the affairs.

My mind was floundering. What will people think of me? How will I work for a church? Christians are going to hate me. She is going to hate me. But, in His goodness, God helped me to see that my secret was the enemy’s only real ammunition against me. Kill the secret; disarm the enemy. So, I told her my secret.

I can’t tell you it was easy. It wasn’t. I don’t have to tell you it was worth it. We happily celebrated our 15-year anniversary this month, and I’m rounding out my fourth year on staff as a pastor at Life.Church.

Maybe you have a secret. It doesn’t have to be about your sin. Maybe you have a secret dream you’re not going after, or maybe someone did something to you. Deep down, you fear someone will find out. I’ve been there. You don’t have to live with that fear. God is bigger than your secret. He can help you destroy the secret, disarm the enemy, and dedicate that part of you to His purposes.

Maybe, like I was, you’re worried about making a seemingly unpopular choice. My pastor, Craig Groeschel, says, “Living for the approval of people will keep you from living for the purposes of God.” I can personally assure you, when you choose His purpose over your popularity, you’re in good hands. He knows what He’s doing. God has used my story to minister to countless couples who were struggling through infidelity. He wants to use your story, too.

Pray with me today. Jesus, give me the boldness to go public with the truth. Help me to entrust my life into Your purpose-filled hands. Help me to choose Your best for my life.