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The 5 Things You Need to Pursue Your Dreams This Year

by Craig Groeschel

Let me fill you in on a secret: God wants to use you to do amazing things. He wants you to pursue many of your wild dreams! The Bible is filled with stories of people who accomplished things no one thought possible, and He’s still using the most unlikely people to do the impossible today. Think you’re just an ordinary person? Well, according to God’s Word, you fit the profile of “world-changer.”

Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience: In order to pursue your wild dreams, you’re going to need five things. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. A clear and compelling vision.

Amazing things are rarely accomplished by accident. It’s hard to do what you can’t define. Make a statement and set a goal—I’m going to invite a few friends to church soon isn’t clear or compelling. I’m going to invite someone to church every single day this month. Now that’s a vision. What is God calling you to do? Maybe it’s to be a better parent or spouse. Maybe it’s to begin to honor God with a tithe. Ask God to lay that vision on your heart.

2. People who will invest in you and believe in you.

Here’s a simple piece of advice that too many of us  ignore. You need support—and that’s okay! God created us to live life together and support each other. It’s why our church encourages everyone to get connected to a LifeGroup. You’ll never make the impact you want to make if you try to go it alone. For me, that support comes through my wife, Amy; my pastor Nick; and countless others it would take me days to list. They all developed me into the man I am today.

3. A willingness to fail.

Don’t fear failure. Embrace it. That probably sounds weird, but let me explain what I mean. If you choose to pursue your wild dreams, it won’t be easy. Chances are high you’re going to fail somewhere along the way. But failure doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. It means you haven’t succeeded yet. Setbacks happen. How you respond to them—and  more importantly, what you learn from them—defines how far you can go. If you want to walk on water like Jesus’ disciple Peter, you first have to get out of the boat.

4. An unyielding commitment to the vision.

Here’s the big one. You’re going to have to work your tail off to make your wild dreams come true. There’s no sugarcoating this, and there are certainly no shortcuts. Don’t miss this: Your dreams will give you direction, and your talent will get you started, but hard work is the key to reaching your goals.


5. Faith to take massive risks.

Let’s go back to Peter. He stepped out of the boat because he was willing to fail, but he wouldn’t have even thought about taking that first step if he didn’t have faith in Jesus to save him from sinking. We learn in Hebrews 11:6 that without faith, it’s impossible to please God. To reach that huge goal, you’re going to need huge faith. The size of your dream reveals the strength of your faith.

Pursue God’s wild dreams for you. What’s God telling you to chase? What’s a goal He’s given you?