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Looking for a Prayer for Stress? Read This.

by Adrian Hummel

With so much happening in the news and in the world, you might wonder, is there ever going to be peace? Will there always be conflict, hurt, despair, destruction, and death? It can be a lot to handle. It’s easy to get stressed out. You might even wonder, “how should I pray?” The good news is there will be a time when the pain and hurt of the world will go away and there will be peace. The Bible tells us that until Jesus returns, we can expect to experience sin in the world and in our lives. If you’re stressed out or facing a situation where you’re uncertain of what may happen, I invite you to pray this short prayer for stress.


Thank You for loving me and giving me grace when I fall short. Thank You for what You did on the cross and for dying for my sins. Lord, despite my current situation and circumstance, I give You control of what is happening in my life and ask You to give me peace. Lord, I know nothing I’m experiencing is a surprise to You. I can trust You with this because You loved me enough to send Your Son, Jesus, to die for me. I ask that You use this situation to grow my faith and dependence on You, and that through this experience, my faith will be bigger and stronger.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

I hope this prayer brings you peace and knowledge that God loves you, no matter what choices you made, what sins you’ve committed in the past, or how stressed out you are. God’s love for you is unshakable no matter what’s happening to you. Remember to pray every time you’re feeling anxious, and continue to give those anxious feelings over to a God who loves perfectly.

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