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Why Pray as a Last Resort? God’s Always With Us

by Craig Groeschel

Why pray as a last resort? Pastor Craig Groeschel sees prayer a little differently. Here’s an excerpt from Pastor Craig’s book, Daily Power: 365 Days of Fuel for Your Soul.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. My mind spins with thoughts of appointments, responsibilities, and obligations for the following day. I worry about my kids, my friends, and members of our church. When everyone seems to be doing okay, I worry that I can’t think of anything to worry about! The best thing I do, though, is simply pray about all that’s weighing on me.


Sometimes people say, “All we can do now is pray.” It’s tempting to treat prayer like it’s a last line of defense. In actuality, though, prayer is our first line of offense.

We all have so many people depending on us that it can be hard to feel strong enough to do all that needs doing. We want to keep standing firm in our faith, but we become weary and feel so exhausted. That’s when we have to cry out for help, just like the psalmist says in today’s verse, Psalm 119:147. We have to put our hope in the promises of God’s Word.

When you wake early because your mind and heart are troubled, you can rest in remembering what your Father has promised. He is with you and will never abandon you. He is in control and devoted to your growth for His good purposes. You don’t have to do everything that’s spinning around in your mind.

Today you can rest easy knowing that your hope is in God and not in your own efforts.

Power Lift: Today I cast my burdens before You, Lord, and trust that You can handle all that weighs on me and more. My hope is in You and I trust Your timing to meet my needs as You show me my next step.