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Wondering How to Be a Good Parent? This May Help

by Suzi Hanson

I didn’t become a Christian until my children were teenagers. We didn’t have a relationship with God or the hope of our Savior. My children were raised in a split home with many hardships and letdowns. I wasn’t even sure how to be a good parent.

I remember holding my children and gazing into their eyes for the very first time. Becoming a parent is experiencing a love no words can explain. A love so deep you would die for them. I always say my children are little pieces of my heart walking on the outside of me.

“Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD.” Psalm 127:3 CEV

When your children laugh, you laugh with them. When they hurt, you hurt with them. Kids fall down and get boo-boos that only a momma’s kiss can fix.

We get so excited when they reach milestones, cry when they start school, stand in disbelief watching them drive off in a car for the first time, and cry tears of joy when they graduate.

When our children are small we can instruct them, mold and shape them, redirect them, and most importantly, pray with them and for them.

We parents tend to be very hands-on with our babies. We have a sense of control over the direction of their lives that is comforting. But then one day … they leave the nest. Now we find ourselves faced with letting go of our children and releasing them to the Lord.

Whether you relate to my situation or you raised your children with Christ, it’s devastating when your children lose their way. And I’ve learned there is a fine line between assisting and enabling our children once they start making their own choices. We have to let them walk through their hardships so God can shape and mold them.

I’ve learned that trying to rescue them not only cripples them, but also gets in God’s way. We cannot walk their paths for them; we must let them walk their own spiritual journey by their own free will. No matter your specific situation, the most powerful tool we have to help our children is prayer.

Pray fervently over your little babes at home, your rebellious teenagers, your prodigals—whatever stage of life they may be in.

It doesn’t matter if your child is battling addiction, joblessness, divorce, loss, financial troubles, or any other number of things … prayer should be our go-to. Whether things are good or life is teaching them a lesson, moms, surround your children with your prayers.

I find myself in prayer over my children daily. When they are hurting or struggling, it feels as though I should be doing more than praying, but God gently reminds me that He doesn’t need my help. He loves our children more than we do and hitting our knees in prayer over their lives on a daily basis is the best and most powerful thing we can do for them.

No matter their journey, be in prayer for:

Remain strong in faith because God hears and answers our prayers.

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