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Why I’m Regifting My Best Gifts This Year

by Micah Ballweber

I’ve always been fascinated with the Christmas season. There’s something about a hot drink in your hand, twinkling Christmas lights, people you love, and cold, snuggly weather that just melts me. I think what I love most about Christmas is giving. However, sometimes gift-giving can be anything but easy.

I was recently asked if I’d be regifting anything this year. A funny thing happened to me as I thought about that question. I realized that our calling as Christians is regifting. And it has nothing to do with being too cheap to buy something. It’s actually based in the truest kind of generosity!

Every good and perfect gift is from above … James 1:17 NIV

God is a good Father who loves to give good gifts to His children. We’re called to be like Him every day. Good ol’ Merriam Webster defines regifting as “to give someone a gift that was previously received from someone else.” We are called to give what He has given us. Do you see it now? God wants us to regift our best gifts, His gifts, to others.

Here are some practical ways we can regift our greatest gift this year.

  1. Music: Music is one of the easiest gifts to give. If you’re musically inclined, find ways to bless your family with your regifting this year. My sisters and I all sing together on occasion. We used to go to nursing homes and sing carols to the residents. Maybe you’re not musically inclined. That’s okay! You can still share the gift music with others. You can go to a nursing home and play recordings of their favorite classics. Know a great song that helped you through a difficult time and drew you closer to God? Text it to someone who needs it. Music affects us all for the better. It’s a fantastic regift!
  2. Teaching: I wish I had the gift of teaching. I surely do not, but I do love learning! This year, you could teach your loved ones how to bake a Christmas dessert, how to make a Christmas card for a grandparent or loved one, how to practice patience, how to bless others with their regifting, or about the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.
  3. Love: Love is by far my favorite gift, but it can be one of the hardest gifts to give, especially to those who have hurt us or who we think might not “deserve” it. What better way is there to show love than to give it without expecting any in return? Love breaks down walls, love bridges gaps, love mends hearts, and love speaks to the soul.

Regifting the gift you got from Aunt Susie last year and haven’t touched since might have more to do with cleaning your closet than being generous. But giving something you’ve received so freely, and using it in a way to bless those around you? That isn’t cheap. That’s priceless! Regift what God’s given you, and you’ll be used to bless others more than you know. We give because He gives. We celebrate with songs because He is worthy of our celebration. We teach because He teaches. And most of all, we love because He loves.