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What God Can Do With 20 Dollars and a Little Obedience

by Carrie McCarty

We don’t just go to church, we are the Church! And you might be surprised to hear what God can do through us. He’s given us everything we need to do everything He’s called us to do.

One night during LifeGroup, my husband decided to pass out twenty-dollar bills to each family. He encouraged them to go home and pray about what they were supposed to do with the money. The purpose was to inspire them to follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings. We would meet the next Sunday and share our stories. How God worked through our group was really amazing.

These three stories topped our list: One couple in our group bought flowers. One family shared the money in a thrift store. And one lady gave the money for gasoline.

The first couple, who spent the twenty dollars on flowers, had recently moved to a new neighborhood that had a nursing home around the corner. They had felt prompted to visit there, but they didn’t know any of the residents. They contacted a friend who was employed at the nursing home in hopes of being able to visit and connect with someone. They were given the name of a lady who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

After picking up an arrangement of flowers, they stopped in at the center to meet the lady. Fighting through feelings of uneasiness, they knocked on her door. To their surprise, a middle-aged man—the lady’s son—opened the door and asked what they wanted. They explained that the Lord had put the nursing home on their heart and so they planned to drop by and encourage this older woman.

The son, still rather confused and puzzled, revealed that his mother only had days to live. He asked if they would mind praying with his mother. They gladly went to the bedside and prayed with this precious lady who was finishing her race here on earth.

A few days later the older woman passed away.

The second family’s twenty dollars ended up at a thrift store. One of the ladies in our group loved shopping there and had stopped in for her weekly visit. Upon entering the store, she soon noticed a lady who was talking on her phone. However, she wasn’t just talking. She was crying. The woman from our group wanted to speak to the distraught woman, but didn’t want to embarrass her, so she moved to the back of the store and began shopping.

On one of the aisles there lay a pair of purple sunglasses on the floor. She picked up the glasses and placed them on a shelf. She then noticed that the woman who had been crying was walking out of the thrift store. Disappointed that she hadn’t approached her, she continued shopping. A few minutes later, the lady returned to the store asking if anyone had found (can you guess?) her purple sunglasses!

The lady from our group led her to the aisle where they were and was able to begin a conversation. She discovered that everything this woman had owned had been completely lost in a terrible fire the week before. She had no insurance and decided to try to replenish some of her belongings by searching in the thrift store. Hearing this, the lady from our LifeGroup gave her the twenty dollars and whatever else was in her wallet.

The final twenty dollars was given by a young lady in our group to a young single mother who lived across the city and did not have enough money for gasoline to get to church. Now with enough gas money to make the drive, the single mother came to my church the following Sunday, and at the end of the service, she raised her hand to accept Jesus as her Savior. She returned to church the next week along with her mom and sister to worship God together.

The resounding truth within these short stories is how our seemingly small acts of generosity and care truly show the love of God and can change lives.