God Is at Work in Your Story—Even During Hard Times

You’ve Heard It Said • 3 minutes


It’s often easy to believe that God is working in our lives when great things are happening—a job promotion, a new relationship, the sense that God is close. It’s much harder to believe that God is working in the layoffs, the break ups, and the moments when God feels far out of reach. But the truth is that He is working all things together, even during hard times. If you need hope that God is at work in your story, this Bible Plan excerpt from Finding Meaning in the Middle of Change is for you.

There’s a desert in California that looks like a stereotypical dry wilderness 90 percent of the time. The earth is brown, dusty, and filled with cracks. It almost feels dead.

But then there are years when the earth shifts, the perfect conditions are met, and the desert blooms as wildflowers invade the barren land. This phenomenon is known as a “super bloom,” and it typically only happens once per decade.

In order for these wildflower masterpieces to fill the desert with color, there must be heavy rainfalls in the months leading up to spring.

This is not only a beautiful, rare, and unique event for Death Valley, but it’s also the perfect metaphor for the way God uses our lives for His glory.

Many of us may have parts of our story we aren’t proud of. Our lives sometimes feel like a series of storms we’ve endured, and we’ve all dealt with unexpected turns along the way. 

Yet, God creates beauty from ashes.  

In a moment, our stories are transformed from death to life, brokenness to wholeness, and defeat to victory.

There’s that pivotal moment in every one of our stories when God meets us where we are and invites us into His family. In a moment, our stories are transformed from death to life, brokenness to wholeness, and defeat to victory.

No matter what your life looks like, because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, we have a testimony to share with the world. Just look at what Scripture says about that: 

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelation 12:11 NIV

Your story and the blood of Jesus are in the same sentence. That’s how passionate God is about the story He’s writing in your life.

So, today, take a moment to consider how you think and feel about change. Maybe you’re really freaked out by it—to the point where it’s paralyzing. Maybe it excites you, and you struggle to be present because you’re always looking to the next big thing. Maybe it confuses you when it hits unexpectedly.

Regardless of how you look at change, it’s important to remember the Author of our story. Even if we feel like we’re in a Death Valley, God is often setting up something special in us and through us to bring about transformation.

Pray: God, thank You for always meeting me where I am. Help me recognize the beauty in my story and the many ways it brings me closer to You. I trust You as the Author. In Jesus’ name, amen.