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Find Freedom From Shame and Other Toxic Traits With the Deep Clean Quiz


Do you want more joy and less bitterness? More fun and less fear? More freedom from shame and other toxic traits? More connection and less pornography addiction? 

Whoa—did we go there already? Yeah … this quiz is for real, and we think it will help you find one area of growth and healing in your life. 

Let’s discover a simple next step. 

Choose Your Journey:

1. I just want someone to pray for me. 

That’s great. Seriously, there are so many of us across the country and around the world who are so excited to pray with you. It’s really easy—just click the button, share your need, and someone will pray for you. 

2. I’m ready to take the Deep Clean Quiz.

Yeah, you are! Here’s how it works:

  1. If possible, read through the quiz with your spouse or someone you really trust.
  2. Open your heart to hearing from God, yourself, and others about which topic stands out.
  3. Identify which area you’re ready to find freedom from (it’s probably the section that has you nodding vigorously and is also hardest to read), then click the blue button to find some help to get you started.
  4. Relate with more than one area? That’s okay! Just start with the one that’s either consuming most of your thoughts or taking the biggest toll on your life. 
  5. Talk to God and others about what you learn and what you’re processing. If you’re not in a LifeGroup, join one either online or in person

Deep Clean Quiz

You can read through in order, or use these links to jump around. This is your quiz—go for it. 

Let’s get started with toxic trait #1.


Shame is the overwhelming feeling that our mistakes are our identity. (They aren’t.) In response to shame, we often make all kinds of rigid rules, or we try to avoid or cover up our issues. Read the statements below to see if you need to get rid of shame once and for all!

Are you ready to take another step away from shame?

Moving on, let’s look at toxic trait #2.

Pornography Addiction

Sadly, most of us were exposed to porn before we even knew what it was. Now we know it’s wrong, but it might feel impossible to quit. Use the statements below to determine if it’s time to take a next step toward freedom from porn addiction. 

Truth: If this is you, you are not alone. Many people overcome porn addiction, and you can too. It’s totally normal to need help with this. And there are all sorts of help available, including this guide we created by talking to people who’ve overcome their own pornography addiction. 

(P.S. If you’re helping someone else find freedom from porn, this resource will be valuable for you, too.)

Next up? Toxic trait #3.


Bitterness is a lack of joy in most of life. Maybe something happened to you, or something didn’t go the way it should have. Maybe someone let you down, or you’re experiencing doubts about God’s goodness. You might even be experiencing depression

It’s possible to know real joy and hope again. Is this one your next step? If you’re struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek help from a professional. 

Now it’s time for toxic trait #4.


Fear is a strong, believable sense that something or someone is going to hurt you. There’s a healthy kind of fear that keeps you safe, and an unhealthy kind of fear that keeps you stuck. Read the statements below to see if it’s time to say farewell to unhealthy fear. 

John, one of Jesus’ disciples, wrote that perfect love casts out fear. You don’t have to live with constant fear. If you’re ready for a new way of living, lean in, click below, and say goodbye to fear. 

Last on the list is toxic trait #5.


Unhealthy pride can be difficult for its owner to detect. We’re not talking about the positive kind of pride that celebrates others or finds joy in God’s good gifts. The pride you don’t want says, “You have to be the winner!” and “I need the attention of others.” If this might be you, ask a close friend or family member to help you process these statements. 

We all experience some unhealthy pride. If you’ve identified this as your main area, you’re taking a huge step of humility. Here’s a way to start overcoming pride.

Did you pick your focus?

If you haven’t landed on one, that’s okay. Don’t move on or try all five at once. You can still find freedom from the toxic traits that hold you back and steal your joy. Talk to your friends, family, or LifeGroup about what you’re processing in the next couple of weeks and pray something like this each day:

God, I am inviting Your Holy Spirit to make a home in my life. Show me the places where You’re ready to heal me and make me more whole. I trust You with what’s next. I’m listening for Your kind voice to speak to me through wise friends, Scripture, and Your creation. In Jesus’ name, amen.