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Are you thinking about having a movie date night with that special someone in your life but aren’t sure which movie to see? There are a few movie genres you’ll need to avoid so things don’t get … well … awkward. Seriously. Don’t watch one of these worst date movies!

5 of the Worst Date Movies Ever

  1. The movie that’s way too scary for you.

Austin: I don’t mind a slightly scary movie every now and then, but if you’re dating someone who never gets scared, it can be a little embarrassing. How about a more serious reason to avoid a way-too-scary movie on your next date. Super scary movies can give you a pessimistic outlook. They can bring your worst fears to life. If the absolute worst can happen, it’ll happen in a scary movie! Living with fear and negative expectations is not the way God wants you to live. And it’s certainly not the way you should think about your dating relationships!

  1. The movie that’s way too gross or gory.

Alissa: It’s never good to be swallowing baby barfs while on a date because the movie is so gross. It’s a little difficult to have good quality time and conversations after the movie when your stomach’s in so many knots that you just want to go home.

  1. The movie where bad guys win.

Austin: We’ve probably all seen this type of movie (bank robberies, cheating partners, heists, drug lords, etc.). You’re living out what it means to be faithful, so why root for the cheaters? Obviously, there are exceptions, when a movie redeems itself and leaves you with truth you can take to the bank. But, for the most part, why not stick to movies that point where you want your relationship to go?

  1. The movie that makes you ugly cry.

Austin: Old Yeller, the first five minutes of Up, The Blind Side … these movies aren’t bad, but if this is a first date or you just want to have a fun evening, you’re gonna want to avoid these kinds of movies. It puts you in a somber mood for the rest of the night. What if you run out of Kleenex? Nobody wants date-night drama.

  1. The movie with too much skin.

Alissa: If you want to have a pure relationship, you need to have a pure heart. And the key to a pure heart is a pure mind. Putting yourself in a situation mentally that you don’t want to be in physically opens the door to actions you never intended to take. Just skip the movie with too much skin.

Relationships are all about pursuing one another and pursuing God together. Ultimately, you don’t want your date night to pull you away, or pause you, from that pursuit. But movies are just movies. Right? They’re not real life. No, movies are not real life, but you do spend part of your real life learning from them. Here’s a good date movie tip. When choosing a date movie, watch what reminds you of the life you’ve chosen to live.

If you’re still looking for something good to watch together, here are the five best date movies ever.