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So you’re thinking of having a movie night, but you’re not sure what to watch. We’ve all been there searching endlessly through Netflix, looking through our DVD collection, and/or standing at a Redbox trying to make the best decision. Well, struggle no more! Here are 5 of the best date movies to watch together.

5 of the Best Date Movies Ever

1. The movie that lets you show your nerdy side.

Alissa: let’s be honest—we’re all nerds. Whether you let it out all day, every day or you save it for those closest to you, it’s always fun to let the walls down and let your nerdy side out. This is guaranteed to make you both laugh and bring you closer together. Maybe you read all the books, camped out for tickets, or know every detail about this theatrical world. You don’t have to be nerdy alone.

2. The movie that has a million sequels.

Austin: Would you like to have more movie nights with your date? Pro tip: Pick a trilogy or a series you both can dive into. Bonus pro tip: When you finish the series, go back and watch the extended version. Because if you’ve found the right person, you’re in this for the long haul.

3. The movie that lets you share your childhood.

Alissa: Because who doesn’t love to travel down memory lane? Maybe you’ll find out your childhoods were really similar, or maybe you’ll get a glimpse of your guy or gal as a child all over again. Either way, this is sure to bring that childlike joy into the relationship.

4. The movie that lets you laugh together.

Austin: Laughter is really good medicine. Find a movie that makes you both ROFL. Whether it’s your first movie night or your thousandth, you can’t go wrong with a good comedy.

5. The movie that spurs healthy conversation.

Alissa: Movies that help you start talking are great. You can learn so much about each other through what you both take away from films. It’s the conversations that last longer than the movie itself that really count.

Watching movies together is a ton of fun, but the experiences surrounding the movie really take the cake. (Or the popcorn!) Whether it’s learning something new about each other, exploring the worlds of childhood all over again, or laughing at how you’re truly made for each other in your shared nerdiness, the movie experience is an opportunity to grow closer to each other, and Christ, while having fun.

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