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Wondering ‘Where Do I Belong?’ You’re Not the Only One

by James Meehan

Have you ever been that person who didn’t get invited to the party? Who was told “no” in the interview? Who got turned down by that person you liked? Who was always wondering: Where do I belong? Have you ever felt left out, overlooked, less-than, or like you don’t have a place you belong?

What’s more—have you ever worried you’re the only one who feels that way?

Know this: You aren’t alone in feeling alone. 

All of us have this longing for belonging. It’s one of our basic needs as human beings. Unfortunately, we’re more isolated and disconnected than ever before. Researchers have coined it a “Loneliness Epidemic.” Multiple studies have connected loneliness with poor mental health, unhappiness, and lower overall well-being.

Here’s better news: We don’t have to stay alone and wonder, “Where do I belong?” We belong. Not just to a place, but to a people. A family. God’s family. A family that spans unlimited people and time. A family of unique, diverse, imperfect, and loving people. 

You’re not just in this family because you were born into it. You’re in because you were invited into God’s family, by His grace, to be His Church. You belong to the people united by Jesus to live life God’s way in our day. 

In Scripture, we see Jesus going to the people, places, and parties most religious people would avoid. He spent time with people who were nothing like Him—yet these people loved Him. Why? Because when Jesus looked at them, He didn’t see the things they’d done or what had been said about them. When Jesus looked at them, He saw family. He saw human beings made in the image of God.

When Jesus looks at you, He doesn’t see the labels that have been placed on you. He sees you. He notices you. He understands you. And He’s inviting you to live like you’re in God’s family. 

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