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One Reason You’re an Overcomer: Hope Is an Anchor

by Levi Lusko

The Bible tells us we have hope as an anchor of the soul. It is both sure and steadfast. Translation: It is unmovable—a permanent anchor that will never budge. We can know this is true because it is Jesus who is our anchor. He is our hope. He has entered God’s presence and has promised to bring us to be where He is. Our hope is not dead either. It is a living hope, because He lives forever.

There is endless comfort to be enjoyed from these truths and the symbolism God employed to help us understand them. Simply seeing an anchor reassures me when I feel shaky. Since Lenya’s departure, I have felt gale-force winds of sadness and tsunami waves of grief crash down on me, and yet my anchor holds within the veil.  

The great thing about anchors is they are never cordless. There is always a connection. A rope or a chain. That cord is every bit as vital as the anchor itself. It doesn’t matter how securely that big hunk of metal is wedged into the ocean floor if you’re not tied to it anymore. The leash matters greatly.


The wonderful thing about the anchor of the soul is that it comes equipped with a mighty chain: the Holy Spirit. Before entering God’s presence Jesus promised to send His Spirit to be our Helper. He is our great rope, which cannot be frayed. The one who has lashed our hearts to Heaven. Through the Spirit, we have an everlasting guarantee that we are slowly but surely being winched into our true Country. He is the one who groans in us and keeps us from getting too comfortable here on this earth. He is the proof that there is more to come and that death is not the end.

In moments of overwhelming sorrow, I not only am strengthened by my anchor, but I am also given courage because of the chain. Because Lenya is with Jesus, and through His Spirit Jesus is in me, there is a direct connection. I have mumbled these words to myself in moments of sadness, “She is with Him, and He is in me.” And through them, as a family, we have been revived again and again. In a very real sense, we are holding hands with the One who is holding her hand.

This also means that through choosing to be filled with the Holy Spirit, we can feel the cord grow taut. Walking in the flesh and choosing to sin puts slack in the line, but honoring Jesus and walking in the light reels it in. The more room we give the Spirit to come upon us and control our lives, the more receptive we are to Heaven’s signal, its guidance, and the greater peace we will enjoy.

Hebrews 6:19 NKJV This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil …