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Dealing With Negative Feelings? There’s Hope For a Better Way of Living

by Laura Ketchum

How’s it going?

 That question isn’t rhetorical. Here, I have an idea. Take 30 seconds and just ask yourself:

How am I doing?

I’ll wait.

… Has it been thirty seconds?

I’ll give you five more seconds, just to be sure.

Okay. Thanks for rolling with that little exercise.

So, how are you doing? Because, really, 2020 hasn’t been easy. The economy is all over the place. Unemployment numbers are still high. Murder hornets were a thing. As were massive Australian bushfires (remember those?). We’re still grappling with the effects of racism and the need for reform. And, looming over all of that, is the continued threat of COVID-19. If you’re experiencing some negative feelings and/or anxiety, I think it’s safe to say everyone else can relate.

But, let’s be honest, it wasn’t as if life before 2020 was free from anxiety. It seems as if, every year, there are more things to be nervous about in the world. Whether your stress stemmed from a high-pressure job, student debt, raising children, or anything else, there were plenty of opportunities to be anxious in years past.

So, if the past wasn’t great, and our present isn’t looking particularly rosy, where does that leave our future? Do we have hope for something better?

(I assume you’ve already guessed the answer isn’t no.) 🙂

We absolutely have hope for something better. We’re so sure of this hope that we dedicated the entire second season of the You’ve Heard It Said podcast to talking about it. And episode one, in particular, tackles anxiety and other negative feelings. We talk about why we have them, what they mean, unhealthy and healthy ways of responding to them—everything you need to get a head start on finding a better way forward.

Interested in giving the episode a listen? You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. And once you’re done, talk about what you heard with your LifeGroup, friends, or family! We even have a handy conversation guide you can use.

Now, what are you waiting for? Better is within reach.