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Miracles Happen—My Daughter Is Living Proof

by Dea Susud

God is a God of miracles! The Bible is full of miraculous stories: a blind man was given sight, a paralyzed man walked, Lazarus came back from the dead. Maybe it’s easy to think of miracles as something from biblical times. But do miracles happen today? I saw one firsthand.

There came a day when I saw years of stories and “random” events prepare me for one life-changing event. Miracles happen! During the summer of 2012, I took my kids swimming at a friend’s pool. (Friends plus tons of floating objects equals one epic game of war.) My youngest daughter needed to use the bathroom, so I took her into the house. I took off her life jacket, she went to the bathroom, washed her hands, I sent her out, cleaned up the bathroom, then joined the ladies out at the pool watching our kids.   

After a few minutes of talking, my friend jumped up and started running. I followed her and then saw what she saw—a parent’s worst nightmare. My 11-year-old son was carrying the limp body of my almost 3-year-old daughter. She was blue around the lips and pale. Little did I know that while I cleaned up toilet paper and scrubbed a toilet, my daughter ran and jumped in the pool and drowned. That thought still wants to haunt me some days. Realizing her life jacket was hanging from my arm immediately sent me into the darkest thoughts. It’s amazing what you can think of in seconds. My life is over. My husband will never forgive me. I killed my daughter!

She wasn’t breathing, and we couldn’t find a pulse. When I touched her, I felt something so strongly inside me. I started praying like crazy, but nothing would come out of my mouth except one word: “Jesus!”  Nothing seemed to happen. Seconds felt like days. Out of desperation I shouted, “IF YOU DON’T BREATHE YOUR LIFE INTO HER, SHE IS DEAD! SO YOU BREATHE YOUR LIFE INTO HER!”

At that moment, she spat a bit of water out of her mouth. And it was then that I somehow felt God direct me to grab her, throw her over my shoulder, and run! I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t even know where to run to, but I threw her on my shoulder and ran anyway—until I realized I left my shoes. I turned back and when I slid into my sandals, my shoulder thrust into her. I felt water pour out over me. Then, I heard shouting behind me: “She has her color back!” I stopped and turned her around. She was full color but a little groggy. We headed toward the car so we could go to the hospital. She began shouting for her Dora necklace, Cinderella shoes, and her slushy! She’s going to be okay!

As if that weren’t miraculous enough, there’s more to the story. For years, my son who found her had had a recurring nightmare that one of his siblings was drowning and he couldn’t save them. He would cry and tell me how hard he tried. We told him this dream was not a coincidence. We believed one day he would have an opportunity to save someone from water—and we told him he will be ready to do it! He was 11 years old, playing in a pool, when something told him to turn around. He found his sister under the raft behind him. I told him, “Do not forget this day! This is the day God told you about!” I believe God miraculously prepared my son and miraculously showed him what to do.

There was so much more to that day and I wish I could tell you. There were details about friends at the hospital, the nurses, my friends with me at the pool, and even the perspective my kids had. God was in every detail of that day. I believe He’s in every detail of every day, but we just don’t often get to see it so clearly like I did the day of my daughter’s drowning. Like I said, I have no doubt miracles happen today because I so clearly saw one! God didn’t just miraculously intervene in the lives of the people who lived when the Bible was being written. He still does. When, where, and why He does, we may not always know. But He did for my daughter. He can for you. Because God is the same yesterday as today!