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Looking for Free Financial Advice? Here’s a Great Way to Think About Money

by Audra Blake

What if I told you that pondering birds and flowers could actually change your financial future? Yes, birds! Stick with me, and I promise this won’t actually be the craziest free financial advice you’ll ever hear. 

Managing money isn’t easy. Let’s be real, it’s hard to get out of the store without adding something extra to your cart. I’ve been guilty of using credit to pay for a last-minute plane ticket, going out to eat when I should have eaten at home, paying for a gym membership I never use … I’m sure that’s familiar to a lot of us. Even if you’re making all the right choices, money can still be a huge source of anxiety and worry. And part of learning how to have the right mindset about money is learning how to conquer worry. 

Jesus knew that we would all need help overcoming worry, and so He taught his followers how to do just that. What was his powerful solution? “Look at the birds …” He points out that the birds don’t spend their days working to earn a living, and yet God gives them food to eat. He then points His audience toward the flowers in the field and says, “… not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” And He says if something as fleeting as a flower is cared for and provided for by God, how much more does He care for each of us? 

The first step to managing your money well is to realize, “I have enough.” God is taking care of you. The birds aren’t out there looking for a job that earns six figures so they can feel financially secure and show off to their friends. They’re carefree because they are cared for, just like we’re cared for. 

Pastor Craig Groeschel talks about this as having a “scarcity mindset” versus an “abundance mindset.” In a scarcity mindset, we fear that we won’t have enough, but in an abundance mindset, we trust God to provide what we need as we follow Him. Being able to admit you have enough is huge! It can give you the power to stop overspending on things you don’t need and instead use that money to pay down debt. It can give you the confidence to steward the money God has given you well, whether that means investing or sharing and giving generously. 

God’s desire is for us to follow Him. And just as He made the birds and the flowers uniquely and for a purpose, He also made us. He is even so lavish as to not want us to worry about money, but rather to spend our time focusing on Him. Sometimes, that’s through admiring His creation! 

So yes, consider the birds and the flowers. That’s my free financial advice to you. I wish I could solve all your specific financial questions or problems, but I’ll simply point you to the One who can. He wants to carry this burden for us so we can be free to live out our purpose without worry or anxiety over money, and He’s given us some of the most joyful reminders in all creation to help us along. Isn’t He good?