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Your Kids Have Questions for God: Here’s What They’re Asking

by Samantha Lowe

I’m a new mommy. I look at my precious baby girl and I wonder: What are you wondering, baby girl?

Then I wonder, what will she wonder next year? And the year after that? How can I turn to God for the answers, so that one day I can turn her to God for the answers?

All of our kids are wondering. Your kids have questions for God! Here are few questions, asked by real kids,* that give us a little peek into what our kids wonder about.

Kids ask …

… questions about God.
“Who made God? Tell me if you know.” –Addyson, 2nd grade

… about their fears.
“I’m scared to go in 3rd grade. What do I do?” –Melissa, 3rd grade

… to have their needs met.
“Please help my family. We are in hard times. Please help.” –Lillianna, 4th grade

… for help in their struggles.
“I got baptized, but I still am mean, so what do I do?” –Ari, 3rd grade

… for help with family problems.
“How can I get my brother off my nerves? What should I tell him?” –Bennett, 4th grade

Many of their questions won’t have cut and dried answers. Be transparent when your kids bring them up. Let them know there are problems even you, a fully grown, seemingly all-knowing adult, can’t solve. That’s okay, because that’s where faith comes in, and that’s when we can go straight to the source of all wisdom, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And then the day will come when our kids have questions for God about their own faith.
“I need help believing. Can you please help me?” –Landon, 4th grade

It’s a scary question for me as a parent, because my faith can’t be my baby girl’s faith. I don’t have control; I can’t save her; and I can’t make her believe. But I find security in a verse my own mother taught me:

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6 NLT

I can train up my daughter in the way she should go by turning her questions, day in and day out, to God, the source of all wisdom. I trust that Jesus is the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. It is God, not me, who is the supreme author of her faith. He will lead her along the right path as she wonders and seeks answers in the journey of life.

Your kids have questions for God, and that’s great because God has answers for kids. God loves all His kids and wants them to find their own authentic, fulfilling relationship with Christ even more than we do.

*Names of kids were changed to protect their identities.


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