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Is Spiritual Meditation a Good Thing? What Is It?

by Joey Armstrong

I knew I wasn’t flexible enough for meditation. I have to sit cross-legged in the forest for how long? And what is the point of touching my index finger to my thumb? Or was it supposed to be my middle finger? Oh, no. Spiritual meditation is not for me.

That was me six months ago.

Then I read a couple of books on spiritual meditation, experimented with a meditation app, and was given the word “less” as my word of the year. Meditation is exactly what I needed for my relationships and my sanity. Spiritual meditation is the act of slowing down, letting go, and marinating your soul and mind in the presence of God.


Over the last six months I’ve given my soul a little rest every day through meditation. For most of us, our default way of life is, “Do more to achieve more.” So if we ever do have a lull in our day, we at least pull out our phone and surf social media. But spiritual meditation is about letting go of my thoughts so I can be in sync with God’s, even if just for a moment. It is nothing new—an ancient method of finding peace in a moment of rest. It’s an emptying of our minds in order to fill them with God.

The best way to start? I highly recommend starting with meditating on God’s Word. Ready to begin?

3 Steps to Spiritual Meditation: Start Small, Don’t Try So Hard, and Reflect

  1. Start Small. Begin by setting aside three minutes to be still and quiet. Set a timer if you’d like. Start by reading a single Bible verse (like John 3:30). Read it, and then close your eyes and visualize its meaning—and relationship to the larger story God is writing.
  2. Don’t try so hard. Relax. If thoughts about your day begin to barge in, let them, just for a moment. Acknowledge them, and then calmly bring your focus back to the verse. Spiritual meditation is like falling asleep. You can’t force it to happen; you must let go and allow it to happen.
  3. Reflect. Take a moment to reflect on your meditation experience. Was it difficult? Easy? Could you feel God whispering anything to you? Any new thought, revelation, or emotion from the verse you read?

Spiritual meditation is like any other discipline; it takes practice and its positive effects will show over time. Keep going!

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