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I Am Not A Hostage—Short Inspirational Quotes From Steven Furtick

by Courtney Spoon

I am not a hostage. Have you ever felt like you were a hostage to your situations, feelings, or circumstances? That you were in chains, shackled, and held down because you were being hindered from what you thought you deserved? Recently, I heard Pastor Steven Furtick preach a powerful message full of short inspirational quotes that showed me the way I should be thinking about my trials.

Pastor Steven spoke from Philippians 1:12-26 where the Apostle Paul was talking to the church from behind bars. How we choose to respond to our circumstances influences how much of God we hear. Paul had an amazing attitude toward the situation he was in, and he didn’t allow the fact that he was chained and surrounded by guards to affect his attitude toward preaching about God. Instead, his situation strengthened his desire for others to know God.

If I’m being honest, I really needed to hear Pastor Steven’s message. It helped me in my own chain-shackled battle that I was going through. Hearing his message allowed me to recognize the areas where I was allowing myself to be a hostage, crippled by fear and angry at my circumstances. God has a way of making me hear what I need to hear, and He can do the same for you. So here are 10 short inspirational quotes from Steven Furtick’s message that I hope speak to you as much as they did to me.

Read these 10 Short Inspirational Quotes from Steven Furtick That Will Change Your Perspective:

  1. “I am not a hostage to __________.” What do you feel like you’re a hostage to? Maybe it’s your expectations, plans, mind lies, or your doubts. Whatever it is, know that it does not define who you are or what God can do through you. God does not give us fear or insecurities, He breaks them.
  2. “What if God is more interested in changing you than in changing your situation?” We might not always be put in our ideal situation, but wherever we are is where God works through and in us.
  3. “Are you so busy asking God to get you out that you miss the fact that God is trying to get in?” Don’t miss the opportunity to learn during your tough situations. God wants to be let in, and He wants to work within us. You just have to be willing to let Him come in and pay attention when He shows up.
  4. Don’t focus so much on what’s happening to you; focus on what God is doing through you. When we let the situations around us consume our focus, we miss the important things that Jesus is telling us and what He’s able to do through us. When your focus turns to God, everything else becomes less overwhelming and important.
  5. If the situation doesn’t change, God, change me. You may be praying to get out of a situation when you should be praying for how God is wanting to use the situation to shape you.
  6. I know it looks like I am chained to these guards, but these guards are chained to me. The chains go both ways—it’s all about the perspective you have about the situation you’re in.
  7. Stop worrying about stuff that God has already worked out. God tells us that there is no use in worrying about the things we cannot control. Instead, be thankful for what has been provided and conscious of what is currently being worked out.  
  8. It is in your weakness that His strength is made perfect. God uses everything that you have to offer, including your weaknesses. In fact, God uses your weakness to display His great strength.
  9. It’s not about me. How hard is this to remember? We may know the world doesn’t revolve around us, but that doesn’t mean we always live that out. We need to know that it is not about us, and that the praise doesn’t go to us but to God.
  10. I am a weapon, formed in the hands of God. Not only are you a weapon formed for God but God also equips you with weapons and armor to use for His purposes.