How to Beat FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out - Finds.Life.Church

You’ve heard of FOMO, right? It stands for “Fear of Missing Out.” There’s so much going on in our lives, sometimes we fear if we decide to do one thing, we’re missing out on something even more fun or valuable. But overcommitting is how you can end up doing a hundred things without enjoying the life God has blessed you with.

Time is your most valuable, non-replenishing resource. The reality is, how we spend our time says a lot about what we value. Sometimes, we confuse urgency with importance. Today, I want to show you a few ways you can beat the Fear of Missing Out by prioritizing what’s important.

  1. Schedule your values. Don’t miss this! It’s the most important step. First, determine your non-negotiables. They have to go on the calendar first. Invest your best in what matters most to you—your relationship with God, your spouse, your kids, your friendships, your LifeGroup, your career. Good time management doesn’t mean you do more, it means you do more of what matters most. The difference between the values you embrace and the life you live equals the frustration you experience.
  2. Say ‘no’ to many small things to say ‘yes’ to a few big things. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re doing the right things, and just because you can do something does not mean you should do something. Do a few things, and do them well. My friend, Pastor Louie Giglio, says it this way: “Whenever you say ‘yes’ to anything, there is less of you for something else. Make sure your ‘yes’ is worth the less.”

We talked in Week 2 of Overcomer about making a big difference in a few areas instead of a small difference in many areas. Channel your passion, find something that creates a righteous discomfort, and consistently confront it!

  1. Create artificial deadlines. You’ll make decisions more quickly and tackle projects more aggressively. People move faster when a deadline is closer. Artificial deadlines also help you eliminate what you shouldn’t be doing in the first place—they help you say “no” to the small things more easily.
  2. Empower others as if your future depends on it—because it does. If you’re in a position of leadership, don’t just delegate tasks. That’s how you make followers. Instead, delegate authority—that’s how you build great leaders. If you want to hear more about what good leaders do, make sure you check out the latest episode of my leadership podcast at

The Fear of Missing Out is real, but when you know your priorities are in order and you’re doing what God wants you to do, you’ll be able to stop worrying about what you’re not doing and embrace His blessing instead.