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You Have Hidden Talents and These 5 People Need Them

by Cindy Beall

We often sell ourselves short, don’t we? There are a variety of reasons why, but we all do it sometimes. Regardless of the reason we overlook our abilities, the root is almost always insecurity. We’re insecure about our abilities, gifts, talents, intellect, and experiences. We believe for some reason that what we bring to the table isn’t enough. What if I told you that you absolutely do have hidden talents—and that they could actually benefit someone else’s life?  

For something to be hidden means it’s out of sight or not readily apparent. My guess is that there are abilities and insights you possess, hidden talents, that are just not readily apparent to you. But that can change with a simple prayer to the One who created you. That simple prayer might be, “Heavenly Father, give me wisdom beyond my years to help others,” or, “Holy Spirit, show me how to love others through the difficult seasons they’re in.”

We might be called upon to impact the life of someone in our immediate family or a neighbor across the street. It could be that God is opening the door for us with a co-worker who is far from God or a dear friend who can’t seem to climb out of the hole she keeps putting herself in. Regardless of the person or circumstance God places before us, we have something to offer. For where God guides, He provides.

Share your hidden talents with whomever God places in your path. Here’s a list of the 5 people groups who are desperate for your hidden talents.

  1. Emotionally Exhausted. You’ve been there, where you tried to handle everything on your own. But now you’ve found your footing and you know how to manage the emotional output from your life. There are people close to you who are floundering and just don’t know when to say no. With your guidance, they can go from discouraged to encouraged. Share your hidden talent of telling your story with sympathy.
  2. Financially Fatigued. So, you’re one of those people who just manages your money well, huh? Use that ability to help someone who can’t seem to regulate their financial struggles. You have ideas and suggestions that they’ve possibly never considered. Mentor them, and they’ll move from hopeless to hopeful. Share your hidden talent of eating budgets for breakfast!
  3. Mentally Malnourished. Have you ever experienced mental health struggles and know the stigma that often comes with that? Too many people are facing mental challenges and just need to know they are not alone. That’s where you come in. Your insights can be their shift from desperate to determined. Share your hidden talent of knowing where and how to find help.
  4. Physically Parched. Are you one who is physically fit and cares about taking care of your body? That could be just what someone else needs. Maybe someone in your life is struggling physically and you have advice to offer them. Do your part, and they’ll change from lethargic to lively. Share your hidden talent of making fitness sustainable.
  5. Spiritually Spent. Maybe you’re encouraging and motivating with your words. You don’t have to be a Bible guru or spiritual giant to impact someone else. Samuel Johnson wrote, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” Most of the time, people just need to be reminded of God’s promises when they are in their difficult seasons. Remind them of God’s goodness, His character, and His ability and they will run away from failure to fulfillment. Share your hidden talent of helping people remember who they are in Christ.

Life is challenging and often complicated. We all find ourselves in predicaments where we don’t know where to turn or from whom to ask advice. What if you are the answer to someone’s problem? What if some piece of wisdom or insight that you possess is exactly what someone needs? What if your hidden talents are the answer to someone’s prayer?