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5 Ways to Make Giving Tuesday Your Favorite New Holiday

by finds.life

On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we celebrate our favorite unofficial holiday: Giving Tuesday. 

Giving Tuesday is a global movement of millions of people that reminds us that small acts of generosity can change someone’s life. Just imagine how the generosity of millions of people could impact our world for the better.

Giving Tuesday invites us to be compassionate and creative. It asks us to consider who needs support in our communities. And it encourages us to find new ways to use our time and resources to care for others.

So will you consider celebrating this holiday with us? Will you take one day to go above and beyond in your service to others? For a few ideas on how to get started, check out the list below. But first, let’s explore why generosity matters and how giving back can make us better. 

What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

God loves to give. 

We see this on the very first page of the Bible. God makes all kinds of things and gives them to people like you and me. Throughout the Bible, God consistently provides physical and spiritual gifts—from food and water to joy and salvation. 

God loves to give, but He rarely chooses to do it alone.

As you read through stories of God’s generosity, you’ll notice something special. God often chooses to partner with people to show His generosity. 

God partners with Moses to provide freedom and justice for His people.

God partners with Elisha to provide for a poor widow and her son. 

God partners with Mary to provide a way for Jesus to enter the world. 

God could meet all needs on His own, but He often chooses to find people who will partner with Him to make a difference. And when people partner with God, they have a greater impact than they could ever imagine.

God partners with you to …

How will God finish this sentence? You can find out. Start by asking God to show you the needs of your community. Then, take an intentional step to make a difference. It may seem small, but even small acts of generosity can make a big difference. Or it may feel uncomfortable—but God doesn’t call us to a life of comfort. Instead, He calls us to a life of purpose, sacrifice, and joy. 

A Prayer for Giving Tuesday

Dear God, thank You for giving me every good thing in my life. Thank You for inviting me to join You in helping others. Please guide me toward people and organizations that I can support. And please give me the boldness to step out of my comfort zone, so that together we can make the earth a little more like heaven. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

5 Simple Ways to Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday

We love Giving Tuesday because it reminds us of our calling—to partner with God by loving our local and global neighbors. So will you consider celebrating Giving Tuesday with us? If you need a few ideas to get you started, check out this list: 

1. Discover a Passion

Maybe you want to give but aren’t sure where to start. There are so many great causes and organizations to invest in. One great place to begin is by identifying what you’re most passionate about. What problems, issues, or injustices have you or your loved ones faced? Which ones keep you up at night? Those questions can give you some clues to help you identify where to start giving back.

2. Make a Plan to Serve

Giving Tuesday is, of course, on Tuesday. Which means you probably have to go to work or school. So you may not have time to serve with a local organization. That’s okay! You can still use the day to make a plan to serve on an upcoming weekend or day off. Reach out to one of our Local Mission Partners or another local non-profit meeting a need you are passionate about. Ask them for more information, or let them know when you’re ready to serve!

3. Meet Your Neighbors

Giving Tuesday doesn’t have to involve local organizations. You might choose to do some solo generosity in your neighborhood. Maybe one of your neighbors has a financial need you can meet. Or they may simply need a friend to talk to. If you don’t know your neighbors, that’s fine! You can still surprise them with a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop. 

4. Invite Others to Join You

Maybe you’re already giving and serving regularly. If so, then why not invite someone to join you? Serving and giving with people you care about can make the experience more fun, and it multiplies your impact. So before you make your next generous choice, ask yourself, “Who could I invite along?”

5. Meet the Needs of a Non-Profit

One great way to meet others’ needs is to partner with an organization making a difference in your community. Maybe you already have one in mind, but if not, check out this list of great organizations our church partners with. If you find one you’re interested in giving to or connecting with, visit their website or find them on social media.

Let’s Do Good Together

As followers of Jesus, we invest our time and our lives in caring for those around us. Whether that means volunteering with a local non-profit or getting to know our next-door neighbors, we discover and display God’s goodness as we live out our faith.

One person making one generous choice can make a big difference. On Giving Tuesday, millions of people choose to make one generous choice—and that changes the world. That’s why Giving Tuesday is our new favorite unofficial holiday, because it’s an opportunity for us to do good together.

So as you prepare for Giving Tuesday, ask God how you can give. Then, reflect on your passions and make a plan to be generous. When you do, you’ll discover the end of this sentence: 

On Giving Tuesday, God partnered with me to …