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Free Kids’ Worship Songs Plus Something More

by Samantha Lowe

I know why you’re here. You want some free kids’ worship songs. I get it. I’ll do you a favor and I’ll get right to a list of some great free worship for kids. But I’ll give you something more, too! Has your child ever asked you a question about God or Christianity and you were left tongue-tied over how to answer? Well, never fear. If your child asks you what “worship” means, you’ll be ready. Is it just singing songs? Does it matter if they’re fast or slow? Does it count even if you don’t clap on the fast songs? Is it anything besides music? Okay, grab your free music and read on so you’ll be ready to talk to your kiddo about your new worship playlist!

Free Kids’ Worship Songs

Now that you’ve gotten your free kids’ worship songs, you can play them over and over to give your kids something great to listen to! They’ll hear the message that God is good, He’s our Lord, and He deserves our worship. But …

Worship is more than a musical expression of a good message. Help your kids lead a life of worship by focusing on these ideas with them:

Worship honors God. Worship isn’t a time to make it all about us. Worship isn’t participating simply so we’ll fit in at church or performing to get noticed. God is incredible, powerful, and loves you more than you can even imagine. He sent His Son to save you. He’s the one worship is all about!

Worship is honest. Worship God honestly with your whole heart for who He truly is. There are many ways to worship God, so listen to your heart and reach out to Him in a way that is meaningful to you.

Worship is expressed in many ways. Talk with your kids about different ways to worship God and why they give honor and glory to Him. Practice a few of them together.

Worship is a lifestyle. Focus on God and your love for Him, and He will lead you to the right way to worship Him at every moment! You already read there are many different ways to worship, so which method works best in each circumstance? Whether it’s noisy praises, dancing, quiet listening, serving others, or giving to those in need, worship really can happen all the time! Don’t live your life simply for yourself. Live it for God!

Worship is transformative. Can you worship when you’re sad? Broken? Hurting? Distracted? What about when you’re angry with God? If worship is supposed to be honest and come from your heart, what’s the point of worshiping when your heart just isn’t into it? The point is in the power of worship. When we reach out to God and bless His name in the midst of difficult times, His power connects with us in a transformative way. He comforts and heals. We grow closer to Him. Our mind can focus on His love, His power, and His healing in the midst of miserable situations. Worship fosters hope instead of self-pity.

Worship connects us to the Church. The capital “C” Church is the entire family of God throughout the world. We’re the ones who gather in God’s name as His children. There’s something special about coming together and worshiping God at our local churches. His power is always with us, but it releases our awareness of it. It can open our eyes to what He is doing around us and in us, and prepares our hearts to hear from Him. But your kids might struggle with participating if they don’t love the songs, if they think it’s too loud, too old, or if it’s simply not their jam. Teach your kids that they can participate anyway as an opportunity to connect to God within the corporate arena of worship. Remind them that the song list at church isn’t for them. It’s for everyone to lift their voices together for God!

Worship can be misplaced. We might not bow down to a literal block of carved wood or an engraved image, but when we let other things distract us from God, become more important to us than God, or we trust them more than we trust God, we are worshiping idols. Anything can be an idol if we put it in a place in our lives that only God deserves to be. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you’re worshiping an idol: How do I spend most of my time? What do I care about the most? What do I talk about the most? When I’m good at something and I feel talented, do I use it to make myself look good or to honor God?


As you internalize these ideas about worship and lead your kids through them, don’t forget to let them see you engaged in worship. Pastor Craig Groeschel once tweeted, “Parents: Showing your kids how God is working in you on a daily basis is one of the best things you can do.” Your personal spiritual journey is the most important example they will ever learn from!

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