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Get Your Family Reading the Bible in Less Than a Week

by YouVersion

At YouVersion, we believe the Bible can change your family’s future. It doesn’t mean your kids will magically stop fighting over the TV remote or that you and your spouse will suddenly become perfect parents. But, if you can get your family reading the Bible, you’ll be planting seeds that will bear spiritual fruit for generations.

We know it’s not always easy. After all, life is busy—there are always activities to participate in, meetings to attend, and chores to do. Right now, you’re probably wondering, “How do I lead my family spiritually when I hardly have time to make sure all the kids are taking baths and doing their homework?”

That’s why we created Family Bible Week: an annual celebration to get families plugged into God’s Word together. Below are some of  our favorite tips for getting your family engaged with the Bible in less than a week. (While we celebrate Family Bible Week in May, you can use these tips and suggestions with your family any time of the year.)

Day 1: Thank a mom.

Great mothers are truly a gift from God. Whether it’s your mom, your wife, or a neighbor who takes great care of her kids, take a moment and encourage a mom. Want to take it one step further? Share a Verse Image from the Bible App with a mom that you love.

Day 2: Start a Bible Plan together.

In the Bible App, you can find lots of Reading Plans and Devotionals designed for families to do together. Make it a tradition by discussing what you’re learning as a family during breakfast or dinner time.

Day 3: Share your story.

The next time the whole family is in the car together, share your faith story with your kids. Helping your kids understand why you believe what you do creates opportunities for them to think about how they could have their own relationship with God.

Day 4: Choose a Family Bible Verse.

A Family Verse can serve as a compass for your family, and it’s a helpful reminder of the principles you value most together. Bonus: create a Verse Image out of your Family Verse and share it on social media with the hashtag #OurFamilyVerse.

Day 5: Redeem screen time.

“Can I play on your phone?” —every kid, pretty much. Make your kids’ screen time more valuable by installing the Bible App for Kids or watching videos in the Bible App.

Day 6: Make the most of family storytime.

Now that you’ve installed the Bible App for Kids, bring the family together with storytime around God’s Word. You can even get the Bible App for Kids Storybook Bible to reduce screen time even further.