Does My Life Matter? Am I Called to Ministry? Yes to Both!

Kyle T. Panter, PharmD • 3 minutes

What do you think honors God the most, a pastor’s message or a business person’s sales pitch? Do you think God smiles more on a pastor’s ministry than a construction worker’s labor? These are questions I found myself wrestling with at one point in my life. I was torn because I didn’t want to waste my life. Full-time ministry or full-time professional, God—which is it? Maybe you too find yourself struggling with this question or know someone who is. Does my life matter? Am I called to ministry?

I am delighted to tell you I am in full-time ministry today. I have reconciled the answer (for me) to these questions, and I have no regrets. If you struggle with these same questions, Chazown can be a huge help. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about finding your purpose. The thing is, I do not work for a church or a Christian organization. Nope. I’m a pharmacist. A legal drug dealer! But I’m also a tentmaker. Scratching your head? Keep reading.

Like a lightning bolt, it hit me one day while reading Acts 18. The Apostle Paul had just moved to Corinth, an ancient version of Las Vegas (but with fewer slot machines). He soon met a Jewish couple, Aquila and Priscilla, and befriended them. Acts 18:3 says Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers just as he was. Wait, what? Paul was a tentmaker? Paul, the greatest evangelist of the Bible, the guy who spread the Gospel from Israel to Rome, the guy who planted churches everywhere he went, had a day job? Yes, and he leveraged it to do God’s work. In fact, just by doing his job with God’s intentions, he was doing God’s work.

There was my answer! Just like Paul, I could use my profession to do ministry. And so can you! How? Start by asking God what His intentions are in your job.

Here are a few more ideas for accepting God’s call to ministry:

  1. That next business trip? Make it a mission trip. Let God lead you.
  2. Your co-workers? Invite them to church. Love them. Influence them for Jesus.  
  3. Your cubicle-mate with bad news? Pray with them. Encourage them. Be a good office neighbor. 
  4. Your job? Do it with passionate excellence so people take notice. You honor God and make Him smile when you do. He put you there for a purpose. Don’t waste it!

Doing ministry isn’t about what you do, but for whom you do it.

God created you and equipped you to do good works for Him, no matter your chosen profession. Being a tentmaker, or doing ministry isn’t about what you do, but for whom you do it. It begins in your heart with a God-fed vision and purpose. This means you are in full-time ministry.

Are you ready to do ministry? If so, say this prayer with me:

“God, today and from this day forward, I commit to doing my work for Your glory, Your Kingdom, and Your will. Not for me, Lord Jesus, but only for You. Bless my work so that it may bring people to You. By Your Holy Spirit, not by my strength. I’ll need Your help. Amen.”

Congratulations! You’re in ministry. Now, get to work loving your client, co-worker, and neighbor as yourself.