Co-laborers With Christ? Amy Groeschel on What That Actually Means

Amy Groeschel • 2 minutes

Have you ever heard someone say that Christians are called to be co-laborers with Christ? What does that mean? In Ephesians 2, we learn we are called to live a life of love. We’re not saved by our good works, but we are called to do good works God prepared for us to do long ago. 1 Corinthians 3:9 teaches us, essentially, that we’re co-laborers with Christ. We work together in God’s service. At Life.Church Sisters, we’re learning all about how to respond to the call God has placed on our lives. We’re learning how to live a life worthy of that calling. One way we can is to become co-laborers with Christ. Read this excerpt from The Call, a Bible Plan by Amy Groeschel, for more understanding.

The fact that we are called and set apart by God to bear His name is pretty special—unfathomable, actually! It’s absolutely incredible that God invites us to co-labor with Him. His calling never stops at our salvation. Receiving Christ is only the beginning. God calls us—imperfect as we are—to do His will here on earth. God has literally invited us to join Him in a Kingdom partnership to spread the good news of His grace and freedom made available to all.

In fact, God has specific plans, or assignments, for us. Imagine if God said this to you right now: “I appointed you as a ______________.” Fill in the blank if you know something you’ve been appointed (or assigned) to do.

Consider God’s sovereign plan in Jeremiah’s life in Jeremiah 1:4-10. Before he was ever born, Jeremiah was called by God as a prophet. Now think about the doubt in Jeremiah’s response to his calling—“I don’t how to speak,” and “I’m too young.”

When the Holy Spirit specifically directs your life, what is on your list of excuses?

When God appoints, He also empowers. He is faithful to provide all that you need, and He will work through you—weaknesses and all.
—Amy Groeschel 

Just like our life assignments, Jeremiah’s calling from God wasn’t about Jeremiah’s ability but God’s ability. We need to remember that when God appoints, He also empowers. He is faithful to provide all that you need, and He will work through you—weaknesses and all. The Apostle Paul embraced this fact and declared: Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

Like Paul, let’s take a new view of our shortcomings, knowing that the appointing and empowering of Christ is all we need for the journey. His power will see us through.