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You Can Hear God’s Voice—Here’s How I Do

by Cindy Beall

When people ask me how I hear God’s voice most powerfully, I tell them through the Bible. For me, it’s not a powerful speaker or song, but God’s Word. More often than not, I get a heavy sigh, an occasional eye roll, and a sense of defeat from those who ask. I hear pained responses such as, “It’s too hard to understand,” or, “I just don’t see how everything applies to my life.” Trust me when I say this: You can hear God’s voice. Don’t give up.

Here’s an example. One day, I was reading the eleventh chapter of John, which chronicles the story of a man named Lazarus. Lazarus’ sisters, Mary and Martha, sent word to Jesus that Lazarus was sick and near death. They fully expected Jesus would run to their brother and heal him because he was such a dear friend. However, his healing didn’t occur because Jesus didn’t come in time. Instead, Lazarus died. And the sisters were devastated.   

Lazarus’ healing was their plan, not Jesus’. In John 11:4, Jesus disclosed that Lazarus’ sickness would not end in death but that it was for God’s glory—and that Jesus would be glorified through it. A miraculous healing for Lazarus would’ve been a great thing. But for Lazarus to be raised from the grave would be an even better thing.

That’s when it happened. I could hear God’s voice, in that moment. I knew God was speaking to me in a new way through a passage I’ve read and studied more than I can remember. I heard God’s voice as I felt Him compare Mary and Martha to me. Then, I felt Him gently ask me if I wanted my best plan or His best plan.

Turns out, the answer to that gentle question positions me to continue to hear from God. How? I will continue to hear God’s voice as I release my white-knuckled grip on my plans and have open palms to receive His best. God can speak to you through His Word. It’s just that simple. When we spend time in God’s Word, we get to know His voice. And when we recognize His voice, we’ll know what He’s leading us to do.

You can start hearing God’s voice. There’s not some tricky method. Maybe, while worshiping Him through a song, someone comes to your mind, and you’re signaled to pray for them. It could be you have a brilliant idea, but instead of taking the credit yourself, you share it with others to encourage them. Or maybe, like me, you hear God’s voice changing, challenging, correcting, strengthening, and encouraging you as you read His Word daily.