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24 Totally Doable 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

by Beth Castle

Whether you’re excited to ring in 2024 or anticipating an early bedtime before the ball drops in Times Square, I have a challenge for you. Before you scoff at the idea of New Year’s resolutions, I assure you that the 24 suggestions below are totally doable. So get excited with me, party people!

Something is appealing about having a fresh, new year stretching out before you. It’s a clean mental slate! An opportunity to get organized! A chance to better yourself with shiny, new goals! At least, that’s how it feels on January 1st, but by the time March rolls around (or sooner), our resolve can begin to fade. So, how do we set challenging and achievable new years resolutions? We keep it simple and powerful. 

Did you know most resolutions fail when they’re too complex or boring? The list below keeps it simple but still packs a powerful punch. Why? Because you won’t be the only one to benefit from most of these. Luke 10:25-28 teaches us that the essential things in life are loving God and loving people—yourself included. So new Year’s resolutions that line up with loving God and people more will start making a difference in your life and the lives around you. And when your actions have an impact, you’re more likely to stick with your resolve

Here are some examples of simple and powerful new years resolutions. So pick one, and see how it changes your life.

24 Totally Doable 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Start your day with a life-giving Bible verse
  2. Take five minutes to rest and reflect every day. 
  3. Be more generous with your smiles. They look good on you!
  4. Pack your lunch instead of grabbing fast food. This will be good for your waistline and your wallet! (Take that, 2024!) Bonus points if you pack an extra for your roommate, too.
  5. Delete one hurtful word or phrase from your vocabulary, then replace it with something more constructive. Tip: Don’t forget to remove it from your thoughts about yourself, too.
  6. Shop local when you can. It’s an easy way to support your community.
  7. Keep thank-you notes at your desk and find reasons to give them to coworkers. Tip: Set a goal of sending at least one per week.
  8. Permit yourself to take a break. Find time to take a vacation (or staycation).
  9. Whenever you can, give up your spot in line to the person behind you.
  10. Stretch, exercise, and drink more water. 
  11. Commit to making every social media comment positive this year. 
  12. Set a daily alarm on your phone to remind you to take a moment to pray for someone. Bonus points for each time you text that person afterward to let them know.
  13. Find a new way to compliment someone you care about each day. Here’s some help if you’re at a loss for how to start.
  14. Call a family member every week. 
  15. Regularly schedule a time to take a walk and pick up any trash you see along the way.
  16. Whisper to your kids when you feel like yelling at them.
  17. Bring in your neighbor’s trash can, mow their lawn, or bake extra cookies. You get it: Be a good neighbor.
  18. Test the boundaries of your comfort zone by trying something new. Baby steps are okay!
  19. Read more. Join (or start!) a book club for accountability.
  20. Make your mornings less hectic by encouraging your family to pick out clothes and pack bags the night before.
  21. As you leave the house each day, ask God to guide your thoughts, your words, and your steps.
  22. Find a way to make a difference in someone else’s life. Serve at a local non-profit. 
  23. Put people’s birthdays in your calendar, and then make a point to shoot them a text on their special day.
  24. Take the first step toward a dream you’ve always wanted to pursue.

These are just a few ways to better yourself without being self-centered. So pick one or two off the list to focus on in 2024, or be inspired to brainstorm your own New Year’s resolutions to love God and people more than you did in 2023, for auld lang syne.