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10 Jesus Songs to Make You Less of a Hot Mess This Week

by Luke Guevara

Sometimes, we’re a hot mess. Whether our co-workers are stressing us out, the house is a disaster, the kids are particularly belligerent, the car broke down, or we find ourselves downright heartbroken again, the right Jesus song can help take our focus off of ourselves, put it back on Him, and renew our strength.

Music is pretty amazing like that. It can lift you out of a moment or help you more fully connect with the moment—and it seems like songs that focus on Jesus can do both at the same time! What is it about hymns, worship music, praise songs, etc., that’s so special? I’m not sure of all the answers to that question, but I do think it goes back to how anything that puts my focus on God helps lift and align the rest of my life. Worship helps us find our center again. It puts the spotlight back on the main focus of our lives. And it just helps us get off the struggle train!

Choose to be less of a hot mess this week by taking some time out with God, and listen to this list of 10 of my current favorite Jesus songs.

  1. Won the War – Life.Church Worship
  2. Reckless Love – Bethel Music
  3. It Is Well – Bethel Music
  4. At the Foot of the Cross – Phil Wickham
  5. When I Survey – Kathryn Scott
  6. Once and for All – Life.Church Worship
  7. So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong United
  8. Mercy – Amanda Cook
  9. Tremble – Mosaic MSC
  10. There Is a Cloud – Elevation Worship

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