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One Parenting Tip Moms Should Try Every Day

by Amy Groeschel

Sometimes the demands of motherhood overwhelm me. I remember one month I needed to take care of two daughters as they recovered from minor surgeries, plan my first daughter’s wedding, home-school, carpool kids to soccer, and keep the house running. Am I forgetting something? Probably. But, I’ve learned one parenting tip that has dramatically lifted my parenting stress.

Just so you know, I absolutely love my life and my to-do list. Because as challenging and demanding as my schedule can sometimes be, I get to do life—with all its ups and downs—with amazingly, fearfully, and wonderfully made people!

Moms, our kids desperately need us! Of course, we know this. We experience our kids’ clinging, whining, and asking, and asking again. We know they need us, but our kids know it, too—even when they act like they don’t.


Lately, I’ve learned that for you and me to succeed as moms, we’ve got to be desperate, too. Just like our children know they need their moms, we need to realize our need for our Heavenly Father! We can’t be the great mom we want to be without depending on God.

Be honest. Do you acknowledge your need for God? Do you depend on Him to meet your emotional, physical, and practical needs? Do you regularly seek and depend on His presence? If I’m honest, sometimes I miss the mark. But I pray that my heart and yours will be open to becoming the dependent, desperate mom Christ has called us to be.

John 15:5 teaches us that “apart from Him we can do nothing.” We need to know our great need for Him! Moms, there are days we all feel stressed out and overwhelmed. But when we rely on God’s strength, He will not only meet our needs but also give us His strength to be the mom our kids need.