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You Can Have a Life Without Making Enemies of Your Family

by Alan George

What do you look forward to after work? Is it binge-watching your favorite TV show? Finally getting to dive into your hobby? Hiding in your room to do more work from home? Or is it spending time with your family? We tend to have a life outside of our families, forgetting that our families are the most important part of our lives.

Growing up, my dad was one of the pastors at our church in Bahrain. Sometimes the church itself seemed like the enemy because it felt like it always took my parents’ attention away from my family. My wife’s parents were pastors as well, and sometimes she felt the same way. The church obviously wasn’t the enemy, but it could seem that way to a young child wanting to spend time with his or her parents. My wife and I are parents to three young children, and we both work full time at a church. We are passionate about raising our kids without creating an accidental enemy. 

You might not even have kids, but your family and friends might still view something as the enemy. Maybe you spend more time in the office, out with friends, or in front of the TV than with your kid, spouse, or friends. The way you spend your time can become the enemy of your most important relationships, and you don’t want that.

But, you can have a life without making enemies of your family. It can often be by inviting them to experience the very thing taking your attention. My wife and I have decided to be intentional about involving our kids in what we are doing.

Recently, our pastor challenged us to be bold in our witness. We knew we wanted to include our kids in the mission of our church instead of possibly making our kids feel left out. So, my wife and I picked up extra “invite cards” which are small cards with our address and service times on them to give to anyone anytime. We told our kids that we’re going to carry them with us wherever we go so we can invite people to church. They loved the idea, especially my oldest daughter. Now, it’s so cool to see her remind us when we forget to invite someone we just talked to. The church isn’t her enemy because she’s part of it!

This week, I encourage you to invite your family and friends into your life. That sounds funny, but try it. The next time you want to binge-watch your favorite TV show, invite your spouse to watch it with you. The next time you dive into your hobby, invite your kid to join you. Whatever you’re doing, try to invite your family to do it with you.