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Why did everyone from Peyton Manning, to that person you only kinda know from that one thing, to Pastor Craig Groeschel post a picture of themselves on social media with a giant red X on their hand? Because we’re all saying yes to #enditmovement and no to sex slavery, and all forms of human trafficking. Why? Because slavery is still real. Because people—brothers, sisters, daughters, mothers, dads, humans—are being bought and sold. Because Jesus said He wouldn’t stand for this and we won’t either. We’re inviting you to join with your own red X photo. And, we’re inviting you to something more.

The video above is from some of our staff who recently returned from India where they met people who’ve escaped human trafficking, who’re still captive, and who’re helping captives break free and recover long term.

Here’s the thing. Do the red X, but don’t end it there. Learn from the #enditmovement, and organizations like our Global Partners, who are setting people free and then connecting them to job opportunities, training, and savings clubs. Give to missions, advocate for movements, and educate your friends. Volunteer, pray, read, and get involved.

As a church, we’re crazy-passionate about protecting vulnerable people. Jesus commissioned us to love our neighbors, bring liberty to the captives, share Good News for the poor, and proclaim God’s favor. His brother, James, said we shouldn’t just hear these words—we should do them. He defined real religion as caring for orphans and widows. But if we started a ministry to combat human trafficking, we’d be out of our wheelhouse. We also know if we did nothing about it, people would suffer, and we’d be out of Jesus’ wheelhouse. So here’s what we do. We don’t reinvent the wheel—we roll with it.

We know our role. Our sweet spot is offering our people and resources to organizations who protect the vulnerable, plant churches, offer relief, develop leaders, and strengthen communities. This is why we say yes to #enditmovement. This is why we give generously and partner relentlessly with organizations like TearFund and HOPE International to end human trafficking.

So yeah, do something today, but then keep the momentum tomorrow. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but how will you roll with it? How will you partner with incredible organizations to set captives free?

William Wilberforce, one of the most well-known figures in history’s fight against slavery, had something to say about knowing your role.

“We have different forms assigned to us in the school of life, different gifts imparted. All is not attractive that is good. Iron is useful, though it does not sparkle like the diamond. Gold has not the fragrance of a flower. So different persons have various modes of excellence, and we must have an eye to all.”
-William Wilberforce, abolitionist and author of Real Christianity

The way you add your momentum to the #enditmovement may not be shiny, but it’s time to get rolling.